Big Bang 4/28--The Agreement Dissection

Sheldon goes dancing with the girls while Priya tries to break down the roommate agreement using legal theory.

Priya needs to get deported. I’m getting really tired of her.

I think the writing is on the wall: Priya is not the one for Leonard.

But when will we meet the mother?

Wait, wrong show. Nevermind.

I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

When Amy Farrah Fowler said, “You smell like a sexy toddler” I almost lost it.

Hilarious episode. AFF is definitely researching both sides of the microscope. Leonard/Priya break-up is definitely germinating.

Loved the Vanity card. Monkey addicted to Heroin and currently in Detox.

Yeah, she definitely wore thin awfully quickly.

Great episode. Priya’s lawyering was great, as was Sheldon being forced out of his comfort zone. I don’t dislike Priya simply because it’s super obvious that most of her flaws were just contrived to make a Penny reunion possible. As soon as I saw the monkey I thought “I bet the vanity card will say no monkeys were harmed…”

I am conflicted… I want to see Leonard with Penny.

But Priya may be the hottest girl to be on the show right now. Dang it.

That being said, seeing Sheldon get lawyered was awesome.

Anyone else curious to know what Sheldon meant by “fascinating” when AFF kissed him? I sure am.

This is one of my favorite shows, but some of the on-going jokes have grown old.

The roommate agreement is one of them. I was hoping we would see an end to it.

Sheldon and AFF getting busy will be the Moonlighting event of current TV, with alll the inherent outcomes.

I think they know that. I think they’re having fun playing around with it, with no intention of taking it too far.

Great writing on this one. Jim Parsons can say the most inane lines and make them sound normal: “I’m not in the mood to hear women discuss unicorns, rainbows and menstrual discomfits.” And he can also sing and dance reasonably well.

Did anyone get the joke when the hungover Amy told the monkey “Get Off my back!” She’s got a monkey on her back, ha! ha!

ETA: I like Priya. It’s about time they introduced a character who is as smart as the rest, but relatively normal. Raj comes the closest to it in that bunch, so it makes sense his sister would be smart.

Is Mayim Bialik pregnant, or was she just wearing a completely unflattering sweater?

This episode explains the season finale*, or at least the casus belli.

*Leonard moves out and in with Priya.

I certainly hope so!

“I kissed a girl and I liked it!”

“What happened to you?”

Sheldon’s knock-knock-knock Penny knock-knock-knock Penny knock-knock-knock Penny in the opening scene was just hysterical!

I use to think this, a foil is useful for the jokes so the bland characters (Leonard, Raj) bring out the best in the strange ones (Sheldon, Wolowitz). But most of the scenes with Priya are just with Leonard, bland plus blander.
Still, this was a great episode and I thought Sheldon getting a girlfriend would be the death of the show, I couldn’t have been more wrong.