The Big Bang Theory 2/17--The Cohabitation Formulation

As Wolowitz contemplates taking things with Bernadette to the next level, Leonard rekindles his relationship with Raj’s sister.

I love Priya Koothrappali and am so glad she has a return appearance.

No comments. I thought this episode was Hilarious.

I want to see Sheldon compete against Watson on Jeopardy!

AFF definitely wants to be swinging in both directions.

“Thanks to you, I was able to make a rhesus monkey cry like a disgraced televangelist.”

I’m hoping to find some way to work that phrase into conversation in the next couple of days.

For real! Frankly, I’d offer her a penny for her thoughts.

Until AFF showed up, was I the only one who thought maybe Penny was going to make a depression-fueled pass at Sheldon?

What? No, that is as inconceivable as her making a pass at Wolowitz.

Funny episode. They really beat Penny up though and it was hilarious. They made Wolowitz even more cartoonish than normal which was more annoying. But it was good to see Leonard assertive, I loved his “Really” line and the Raj stuff really cracked me up.

Here’s to the Big Bang ladies–Bernadette, Penny, Priya and AFF.

Pretty funny episode.
Still, I can’t help thnking that Bernadette is way, WAY out of Howard’s league. She’s not even “TV ugly.” It wrecks the suspension of disbelief for me a bit. (And that’s from somone who has no problem accepting the parade of hot chicks that Leonard has slept with!)

Leonard has only had four real relationships: iJoyce Kim, Leslie Winkle, Stephanie Barnett, and Penny. Priya is a one night stand when she is in town, and the cougar was a real one night stand.

George Constanza on Seinfeld saw more action, and he is definitely below Leonard in looks and occupation.

Did he pick her up at the Apple Store?

I too thought to myself while watching that Beradette is way out his league. I always have to remind myself that I am a poor judge of what is attractive in a man, but even if you factor that in, she is way too hot for him.

Did anybody notice Howard was wearing dark socks while in bed with Bernadette? Nice touch, whoever made that decision.

I need to get an MP3 of, “WHO’S THERE? ARE YOU A SEX CRIMINAL?”

You know, I work at a university, and I see very pretty girls with guys who look roughly equivalent to Howard quite often. And I mean holding hands with the guy, not running away from him or spraying him with mace! So I don’t know if the the whole “out of his league” phenomenon is valid. It makes for good comedy, though!

As your new ring tone?

To the extent that financial prospects are a factor, the geek is a much better bet than the athlete.

Plus there is the geek sexual skills as illustrated in the documentary “Revenge of the Nerds”. :smiley:

Yeah, a somewhat-geeky guy who projects confidence and doesn’t go in for the whole “self-sabotage / I’m just a bundle of insecurities” that Howard, Raj, and Leonard so often do, can do pretty well for himself. Of course, that is what makes the show funny!

Actually, considering the girls that Leonard has been able to get (especially Penny and Priya), I don’t know why he complains so much. Ha!

As the windows start up sound on my work PC.

And who wouldn’t love to see a punk band called “The Sex Criminals?”

Sheldon using Pascal’s Wager? Shame.

What kind of computer was it that Howard’s mom has? I couldn’t quite catch it.