Big Bang 5/4: The Classified Materials Turbulence

Okay, Sheldon’s laughter is annoying. Stop it.

I figured out what the “classified” part was…it wasn’t the toilet, it was that Leonard knows Penny called out his name while making out with Stuart.

Next week is the season finale, already? Pout pout.

I thought Raj got off some good lines too.

I was annoyed by the completely implausible nature of the whole space toilet thing. The space program just does not work like that. It was still fairly amusing though, I must admit.

Sheldon would have a fit if he saw a similarly unrealistic portrayal on a TV show :wink:

I’m gonna get this wrong, but my favorite part was:

“This is really more of an FYI, we’re going on a spacewalk”

I’m curious to see what happens to Howard because of this.

I also liked:

“I think you might have a case for MIT to give you a refund on your masters”

Meatloaf is always funny.

Is Sheldon Cooper the only character that could say “It’s relating cardinal numbers to bodily functions” and make it sound funny?


I also liked how Raj was able to make a logical argument for karma, and how it makes sense scientifically.

I thought it was an amusing homage to the movie Apollo 13. And BTW, I totally identified with Howard’s geeky pride at his minor contribution to the space program, as one of my early projects was to build part of the shuttle mission simulator. (So that every time the astronauts do anything involving looking out the aft or overhead windows in the actual shuttle, they first had to practice that using the windows I built for the simulator. Yes, I know that it’s a pathetic thing to feel good about.)

Did anyone else catch the second in the comic book store where Raj turned away literally shaking with laughter? I don’t think that was in the script.

At the end of the show Leonard asked Penny is she had spoken to him, she replied “I said Leonard” and he said “yes you did.” Penny didn’t catch at all that that was a reference to her calling his name out the previous night while on her date which was probably very embarrissing to her and ended her date. That didn’t seem too likely. Even if she didn’t know the other guy had told Leonard what happened, it still should have been an uncomfortable moment about something that was fresh on her mind.

Another good episode. Just last week I would have bet you that there was no way you could do potty humor that would make me laugh. I would have lost that bet.

So Penny is calling out Leonard’s name - good for Leonard!