Big Bang Theory 1/7/16: The Sales Call Sublimation

I don’t mean to step on any toes, but I didn’t see the thread started for tonight’s new episode, the first post-coitus Shamy episode.

In more news, they cast Sheldon’s Meemaw!

Personally, I never understood why the thread for BBT has to be started like 5 hours before the show even comes on.

Worst. BBT thread. Ever.

I thought it was a rather thin episode. Leonard seems to be moving forward, getting over his issues with his mother, and Penny got some unwelcome insight into her relationship.

At first I thought Stuart was growing, moving out into his own apartment, but then he broke back into the house to watch Howard and Bernadette sleep, and that was just creepy.

I did not need to see Simon Helberg in his underwear and socks.

Sheldon is back to his own selfish ways, trying to name the asteroid after himself and Amy alone.

Well, they can’t all be Shamy coitus episodes.

Raj is still dating Emily? Who knew?!

Mildly amusing, although the beginning was tedious. Shamy is excessively boring.
The bits with the shrink were best; and hopefully the dissatisfaction revealed could shake up the relationships, realigning Sheldon with Bernadette; Howard with Penny; Leonard with the redhead, Alex — and just maybe, Raj with Amy if one cares what happens to either. [ Edit, maybe Raj with Stuart. ]
Being in California they should all remain good friends.

I want more Jane Kaczmarek!

A bit of a letdown after the previous few episodes. I thought the asteroid naming was silly- Emily doesn’t seem to be a big enough part of Raj’s life to make him want to name it for her. Sheldon identifying numbers by color and smell was pretty funny. Bernie and Howard definitely need to either change the locks or get a dog. Stuart was creepy, even for him.

Oh, I forgot that! So in addition to having an eiditec memory, Sheldon has synesthesia.

It was the best episode of the year, it was the worst episode of the year, it was an episode of wisdom, it was an episode of foolishness, it was an episode of belief, it was an episode of incredulity, it was an episode of Light, it was an episode of Darkness, it was an episode of hope, it was an episode of despair, in the episode we had everything before us, in the episode we had nothing before us, it was an episode going direct to Heaven, it was an episode going direct the other way – in short, an episode so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on the episode being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.

Damn straight. I can’t believe she’s 60.

It would have been a lot less creepy if Stuart had been holding his teddy bear.

Raj would be more likely to want to name the asteroid “Cinnamon” than “Emily.”

I wouldn’t mind if they brought the psychiatrist back for another episode or two!

Somehow Jane Kaczmarek looks younger now than she did 15 years ago in Malcolm in the Middle. I said to myself, “I know who that is but who?” and then she spoke and her voice made me realize who it was.

I wonder if she will be a recurring character for at least a few episodes. Imagine Sheldon in that room? Then again he was tested :slight_smile:

I thought that was pretty neat! My niece has synesthesia, too.

Well at least they didn’t go from missing the stunted man-child Stuart while holding his teddy bear in a spare room that they are discussing what to do with into the obvious “How about a nursery with a real child of our own?” storyline. At least not this time.

I’m grateful for that, as well.

I always like it when they show one of the guys actually doing his job, and have felt that Raj has been neglected in this regard. It was good to seem him in his astrolab (is that the right word?) taking care of business.

What was up with the girls with whom Leonard was playing double-Dutch at the end? Who were they?

I didn’t like to see Penny back to griping about her lot. She’s worked hard and is a successful pharmacist sales rep now. Give it a rest!

I was a bit perplexed by that scene, myself.

Maybe Leonard was reclaiming his childhood by jumping rope with kids?