Big Bang Theory 11/17

Wolowitz finally scores with a woman…until she meets Leonard.

Maybe they’re toning down the Sheldon-centric episodes…it’s this week’s Hot Topic at CBS.

Okay… I’m geeky enough - I want to do an analysis on the rules of Rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock to figure out…

  • if the specifications given by Leonard are complete and cover all contingencies
  • if the five possibilities are actually balanced, or if a few of them immediately drop out as inferior plays, (as is the case with rock, paper, scissors, dynamite, and water.)
  • Hi, Penny! :smiley:

Howard’s come-uppance at the end was priceless! Plan B karma can be a bitch sometimes.

It is indeed a fair and complete game. Each play wins to 2 of the others and loses to 2.

Spock wins Rock, Scissors; Loses Lizard, Paper
Lizard wins Spock, Paper; Loses Rock, Scissors
Paper wins Spock, Rock; Loses Scissors, Lizard
Scissors wins Paper, Lizard; Loses Rock, Spock
Rock wins Scissors, Lizard; Loses Spock, Paper

I liked Penny’s take on cheating: "Is the other guy Wollowitz? “You’re good”

I liked the geek argument about whether Star Trek I was worse than Star Trek V, and Sheldon’s comments about Clone Wars. (See the vanity card here.)

It’s hilarous (and sad) how Howard kept calling back to add more relatives and change the venue of the dinner with his family, that the girl had never agreed to.

I have a friend of, shall we say, a similar persuasion, whose single life was eerily similar.

This episode had several laugh out loud moments for me. I think Mrs. Wolowitz may be my favorite character now "You’ll have to play outside; I’m not dressed to receive.
Only problem I had with this episode is that it points out how abruptly they dropped the Penny - Leonard relationship. On the other hand, I liked that Stephanie was sort of pretty but still in Leonard’s league.

Have they ever showed Mrs. Wolowitz? I picture her as George’s mother on Seinfeld, except maybe with dark hair.

I almost like how the Penny/Leonard relationship just fizzled out. That’s sort of how things happen in real life sometimes. Leonard was attracted to Penny for obvious reasons, Penny saw Leonard was a genuinely nice guy…but what do they really have in common? Maybe Penny will spend time in Leonard’s little world and come to understand more of it.

Thanks. I did find info on the internet, of course. :smiley:

And as far as that Leonard/Penny exchange, I think that she might not have been so flip if it had really been cheating, but the question had been if it was a betrayal if the other guy THOUGHT he was in a relationship with the girl.

Penny knows how delusional Howard can be when it comes to women, and judges that Leonard has no responsibility for what’s going on in his head. :wink:

I’m starting to like this show. I just wish there was some way to watch it without a laugh track. I guess I’ve gotten used to shows without them, and I find the canned laughter distracting.

I don’t notice the laugh track when a show is actually funny, as this one is. It’s the shows where you hear people laughing at stuff that’s not funny that really stand out.

Sort of pretty. Sort of pretty? SORT OF PRETTY???!!

My friend, you must take back that slur on Ms Rue’s appearance. She is one of the top five most attractive actresses working today, and her full-figured form is a delight to see in any role.

I must ask you to recant or I shall be forced to have my second deliver a formal challange.

Yeah she is very hot.

I loved the Star Trek argument! I kept picturing a mult-page thread on the Dope about that very subject!

I think Leonard, Penny, Sheldon, Raj, and Howard would fit in well here, although Sheldon would get Pitted weekly and Howard would probably get banned for making inappropriate comments to the ladies.

I liked the way Sheldon explained it- “Paper disproves Spock.”

I also like how he explained it to Raj, and Raj got it. So the audience is going “huh” and he and Raj are already playing it.

And they go for Spock every time.

I liked Howard’s use of his new strategy (eye patch, flashy clothes) on Penny- and her reaction, snapping the eye patch.

I also thought Stephanie was very attractive.

Some comments:

I was glad to see Sarah Rue has regained the weight and gone back to her cute hair color. She was thin and blond on a episode or two of Two and a Half Men, wasn’t she?

I am starting to think Penny is as funny as Sheldon. I still think there might be something there with Leonard, but, honestly, I don’t care. I like her just as she is - sarcastic and making lots of disgusted faces. I thought we’d have more of Sara Gilbert this year, but, again, I don’t care. Sheldon is too cute for her.

I was the only one in my family who couldn’t do “Spock”.

I’m trying to like that it fizzled out. I could see that the writers didn’t want that theme to become an overused plot crutch. But it seems forced that Leonard would pine over her for so long and then just drop it after one date. Especially since they showed Penny’s own interest and jealousy on more than one occasion. I guess I was just looking forward to at least a few episodes featuring their inevitably awkward dates.

I also wonder if that move came from the decision to make it more of the Penny and Sheldon show, since their dynamic is definitely the funniest.

Oh, and I just found a reference to Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock from May of 2005. Had anyone heard of this version before last night’s episode?

Thank you! I wondered if that was Sara Rue!

The last pics I saw of her, she had lost weight & was veering towards generic Hollywood prettiness. Now it looks like she’s put on more than ever & I must say…