Big Bang Theory 11/9: The Guitarist Amplification

Thoughts? I’ll write after the thread’s up.

I really liked this episode. I think the Penny/Leonard fight was pretty realistic, at least to me. Pretty much every relationship issue I’ve had is communication based like theirs was, and everyone has overreacted to a problem and turned it into a fight like that. And you finally just realize it’s not worth it and end it.

And Sheldon’s family issues were hilarious (which sounds horrible but it’s TV). His mom saying Jesus would forgive her for putting glass in her husbands meatloaf? Priceless. And his “na na na na na na na” avoidance of fights turned out funny and silly as well. Another showing of how immature he is socially and emotionally.

I loved this episode! I’m like Sheldon in that I hate fighting - and it was just that much more funny because of that. Really well written episode. We laughed a lot.

I am wondering what all the people who were unenthusiastic about the Penny/Leonard relationship happening thought of this episode.

The more I watch this show the more interesting is the dynamics between Raj and Howard. That’s the hidden gem in this show. Seeing Raj’s parents again was a treat. And hearing Howard’s mother screaming always cracks me up! I have zero interest in the Penny/Leonard relationship, and tonight’s show reinforced that disinterest.

Sheldon’s imitation of his parents fighting had me rolling on the floor with laughter.

Jim Parsons is exceptionally talented.

The fight was very realistic. Several times during the altercation my wife and I just looked at each other and started laughing. We so recognised each other on the screen.

I wonder how Raj and Howard would react if someone on the show compared them to Season 5 G’Kar and Londo?

I would expect better mechanics for research lab than roll-and-move. Maybe worker (scientist) placement, or action point, or role selection.


I find the Raj and Howard “bro-mance” thing clever but it’s been done so many times before. Like with Oswald and Lewis on the Drew Carey Show or on King of Queens with Spence and Danny just to name a few.

Two single heterosexual men acting like a married couple. It is nicely written and without it it would turn into the “Sheldon Show”

I still don’t find the romance part funny but that’s obviously just me. I mean Leonard is actually goodlooking enough to resonably get Penny, (Actually all but Howard are too goodlooking to play as dateless nerds), but once you get them together you wind up in the same situation you always have when couples in comedy hook up.

I didn’t much care for this episode, but the increasingly disturbing revelations about Sheldon’s childhood were once again the best part. The fight was nicely realistic also, the kind of terrible and ultimately meaningless fight that only people who care about each other very much can have.

As always, loved the show. I found myself feeling very sorry for Sheldon, and a bit angry that his friends didn’t show more consideration for his adversion to fighting. I know he has more baggage than an airline, but this time seemed different to me somehow.

Yeah, this was the only part that didn’t dop it for me. No way does Sheldon create, essentially, Candyland with labratory references inserted. I’d expect something like Warhammer 40K, but with particles instead of troops.

Other than that, terrific. I’ve never really felt sorry for Sheldon before, but this was a very startling peek into what made him the way he is.


I think Simon Helberg (Wolowitz) is a deceptively good actor. He does a flawless job with the character. Just wanted to say something, since Parsons and Galecki get all the accolades.

If you haven’t already, check out some of his ‘Derek & Simon’ stuff. Funny as hell.

We were lucky enough to watch a filming of an upcoming show, in which Wolowitz figures prominently, and watching Helberg perform was a treat – many takes, many retakes, the occasional cracking up. It’s amazing to watch a top-notch comedian at work.

“I’ll tell you what is making Sheldon cry - the fact that I allowed you to name him Sheldon!”

There were some laughs this week.

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