Big Bang Theory 3/10--The Prestidigitation Approximation

Leonard must choose between new girlfriend Priya and his friendship with Penny. Meanwhile, Howard drives Sheldon crazy with a magic trick.

I’m looking forward to this. I can’t imagine a magic trick that Sheldon couldn’t figure out.

And yet, Sheldon can be SO gullible and naive.

Oh, very true. But I’d still bet on his logical mind, presented with a problem involving physics (as most magic tricks do) to puzzle it out.

The evidence doesn’t seem to support that. There is a history of frauds like Uri Geller fooling actual scientists, but stage magicians like The Amazing Randy seeing through their tricks immediately.

Exactly. A scientist expects a piece of equipment to perform as he is told it is designed to perform, and he expects the operator of that equipment to be doing what he says he is doing. A magic trick involves cheating, and a scientist can be very vulnerable to cheating (especially if they believe they are good observers).

This should be funny.

Exactly. The magician tells the scientist to, “Watch carefully” and concentrate on the item. This completely distracts the scientist from seeing the real actions.

Good points. You’re right and I wasn’t thinking of that. Still, I expect to be entertained.

Which is where Sheldon’s only real advantage with magic tricks comes in - he’s sufficiently clueless as to social cues that he may actually miss the misdirection, and look where the magician doesn’t want him to.

It would, on the other hand, also dull his ability to identify a strange movement designed to hide the magician holding or transferring an item.

The “A” plot reminded me of “Friends”, when Emily forced Ross to choose between her and Rachel. BTW, would that trick really work? LOOVED that they will continue torturing Sheldon with it!

Yeah, they’re just messing with him. Way funnier! And as much as it would pain me, I’d have to tell Priya that I will stay friends with Penny. If she can’t handle it, better to know sooner than later.

I now officially want Priya out of the show. I want Leonard and Penny to get back together and wear out the bedsprings.

I kind of figured it was a set up when Sheldon didn’t to actually pick the card.

It was a good episode though

Some Derailment of the Love Interest going here.

I really mislike Priya here. She wasn’t as bad before, and…I don’t much like her here.

Agreed. Priya is becoming too controlling (for my taste) with Leonard. And for Dagon’s sake, tuck in that shirt Leonard. Leaving it out makes you look like a douche.

“Please, Leonard, it is a source of great pain to my family and me that my brother has that in his wardrobe.”

I thought “What? A Star Trek uniform?” then I realized “OH! A Lt. Uhura Star Trek uniform!”

Leonard should have three Kirk Trek uniforms. Daily wear, dress uniform, and green wrap-around fat shirt.

I think this episode reeked of bad writing.

Priya goes from a friendly polite girl to a total bitch in 1.2 seconds, Penny turns into a total rube (really, crashing their date and slurping Leonard’s drink?), and Leonard acts befuddled?

Argh. Also, isn’t Penny Sheldon’s friend too? Is she going to totally ditch him as well?

Therein is the problem. Penny isn’t some girl that Leonard only knows as an ex. She’s his neighbor and part of his group of friends, even if they bug her.

I can hear my boss talking about the episode as I type this.

Funny B plot, annoying A plot. Clearly Priya knows “Lenny” still misses Penny being more than a friend and Penny still actually like “Lenny”. If Penny ever refers to Leonard as “Lenny” again, they can never ever get back together.

So it is all a setup for Penny getting back together with Leonard. I just hope the “gang” does not get involved in getting them back together.

I was annoyed Penny was acting so dumb at the Indian Restaurant. I was also annoyed by the Contact Lens bit. Oddly I find that less realistic then Sheldon hacking a National Defense Cray.