Big Bang Theory to End After This Season

I’d read somewhere that the writers don’t plan out the plot much further than an episode or two. Think we’ll end with an Amy/Sheldon baby?

I’ve already said how The Big Bang Theory should end.

Hmm, I suppose that could use a bit of updating.

About time. I like the show and all, but they haven’t done anything really original in years, and some of the characters are total wastes of airtime anymore. Maybe the impending end will make them up their game for the home stretch.

Wait, I want to change my answer.

Raj needs to fall in love with someone. More importantly, s/he must also love him.

Probably for the best. Long time shows sometime bounce back in the finale season because they hold nothing back (see: Frasier for a good example).

Not unexpected, but still sad. I so loved that show.

Sheldon wins a Nobel Prize…shared with Penny.

They already jumped the shark some time ago. Yes, even tho some recent shows still have moments of greatness, it is time to let go.

Bound to be a clip show somewhere in the final mix. Right? Right?

“Jumping the shark” jumped the shark some time ago.

Finally! Now I can start catching up on the last 5 seasons.

It should have ended a while ago. The last season will be full of useless character development ending with a 3 part finale in an attempt to rack up ratings, which it will because we’ll all watch it.

Ohhhh, good! Now we get a whole year of the married Shamy. Yayyyyyyyyy!!!


I thought he and Stuart were already filling each other’s holes. :dubious: :confused:

No, **LONG **ago!!!

In a galaxy far away?

So. Actors/actresses asked for too much money?

Burned out, more likely.

And Stuart, too. Happy endings for all.

I just hope they get the elevator fixed for the final episode.