"Big Boot" reference in Simpson's Australian visit- What does it refer to?

At one point in this episode the Bart’s punishment is to be kicked with a giant boot. What does this giant boot as punishment refer to in the context of Australian politics/justice/culture?

I always thought that it wasn’t aimed at Australia at all, but was taken from the incident where an American was caned for vandalism in Singapore a few years back. I thought making it a boot in Australia instead of a cane in Singapore was their way of “keepin’ it wacky.”

Among all the other ridiculous pseudo-Oz-isms in that episode is a rather glaring contradition. When Bart first calls Tobias and tells him to check the neighbor’s toilet, Tobias hops on his bike and goes on a six hour round trip to the neighbor’s and back. Later on, when Tobias’s father says he’ll complain about the phone bill to his Member of Parliament, he just yells “Hey, Gus!” out the window, suggesting the neighbor is only a short distance away.

I still find the episode hysterical, by the way.

I really dislike most of that episode, simply because there are so many things that would be ten times funnier to make fun of in Australia than that stupid boot thing (which I’ve no idea what its based on). Some parts were good, like the giant can of beer, coffe/beer argument, but in general, that was a pretty lame episode.

Disparaging The Boot is a bootable offence!
And yes, I believe it was a reference to the Singapore caning incident. Well, that’s what I’ve heard, anyway.

I’m with rynn. There could’ve been far more subtle ways to do that episode rather than every lowest common denominator joke. It would’ve been funnier if it had been a little more grounded in the real world. IMHO.

Not to mention that Australia is more urbanised than the US.

If you’re gonna critisize the ep for anything, knock it for perpetuating the toilet-flushes-the-other-way myth, although the patriotic toilet flush compenator makes for some great comedy. With the American flag on it and everything.

I thought it was more of a mockery of American stereotypes of Aussies. My guess is none of the writers have a knowledge of the more subtle aspects of Australian society, so they just went with what most Americans know of Australia: what was marketed to us during the brief Jacko/Men At Work pop culture fad. Toss in a little of the Bruce imagery from Python and you have your episode.

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The Simpsons will soon be banned all over the world. Brazil hates 'em, Louisiana hates 'em. New Yorkers love the New York one. We sometimes make pets of the CHUDs.

On the toilet thing, not only is the rotation thing a myth, but we don’t even have those sorts of toilets. Our “pool” is much smaller and the flush process is more waterfall than whirlpool. The flush water all comes from around the rim. The first time I saw a North American toilet I thought it was broken.

That and the monorail episode are my favorites.

Oddly enough, they are the only two written by Conan O’Brien.

Ironic how people can get so worked up over it. It makes fun of anything and everything, and yet people seem to think they are being singled out.

HPL, it’s one of the Universal Vanities:
When they make fun of “them”, it’s the gospel truth.

When they make fun of “us”, it’s vile slander and lies.
Applicable to any motion picture, newspaper article, printed literature, television or radio show, or simple gossip.

Don’t forget: Homer Goes to College - Conan O’Brien

and, by the way: Bart vs. Australia - Bill Oakley & Josh Weinstein


True, but still, considering the simpsons makes fun of the US more then anyone or anything else, you’d think one episode making fun of (insert any other country here) could be forgiven.

Yes, but you can make fun more intelligently than resorting to really bad stereotypes. I can imagine what a Simpsons-do-the-UK episode would be like, but I’d hope they’d steer clear of the really obvious Friends-style cliches.

I like it when right after someone starts a thread the episode then appears on TV.

I also really liked the US Embassy gate “Made With Pride in the USA.”

I always thought the Mr. Sparkle one was hilarious, even though it had some pretty bad Japanese stereotypes. All depends on the quality of the jokes I suppose…

Not the episodes where they make fun of Republicans! They always depict Republicans as evil, cruel, heartless, and rich… and not all of us are rich!

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