Big Brother 14 announces its twist [spoiler, I guess]

I won’t bother to spoiler-box the link, but I’ll put it down several lines so that it won’t show on mouseover.

I’m so tired of retreads in reality shows. And it goes double for BB. I guess they did realize how it bent last season out of shape and decided to fix it by putting the returning players in their own game, separate from the new guys, but still.

If the returning players include Rachel and/or Brendon, I not only won’t watch this season, I may have to keep the TV turned off all summer to avoid any small chance I’ll accidentally see them in a commercial.

Gah! One of the cast members is yet another Hantz.

Oh, stupid. I am very tired of them bringing back past players. All-stars was great but I hate that it’s now something done every season.