Big Brother 3/5/08 [open spoilers]

(for the 3 people still watching… you have been warned.)
So, they injected a bit of life into this mistake of a season last night, and Ryan has a whole new lease on life. It was great to see Josh go from hero to zero, and Sharon looked as if someone actually said “no” to her.

I was getting REALLY bored with this show, but think the run-out may be quite entertaining. We got a unique perspective on the houseguests, as couples, that we may not have gotten were they single.

Depending on who comes back next week, Matt is looking good, as are the guys. Natalie, on the other hand, appears to have blown her chances…

I don’t know. I’m going to need a lot of prodding to ignore one more week of Wife Swap for this.

Ah, shit, Wife Swap. I forgot that was on. :mad:

I ended up watching last night just because I needed some mindless TV.

With DVR, I can pick any two among American Idol, Big Brother, and Wife Swap. I hesitated a lot this week, hopeful about the hyped-up big twist. I just don’t think I can do it again, and I hope Wife Swap will rerun the ones I’ve missed so far. (Three of them, I think.)

Okay, I swear I’m not watching anymore, but the TV was on when I walked in the room because I’d been watching 60 Minutes – and caught Joshuah in the hot tub praying aloud for six-pack abs.

What. The. Fuck.

My wife and I are both pretty sure that Natalie is going to go a little bit Fatal Attraction on Matt before this show is over. That guy needs to watch his back as long as she is still in the house.

Yeah, not that I was watching, but if I were watching, I would have been thinking the same thing.

I turned to supervenusfreak when they were doing the compare/contrast on the scenes that actually happened between Matt and Natalie and exactly what Natalie was taking away from those experiences and said, “She’s gonna boil his guinea pig before this is all over…”

Yeah, I’m not quite sure why I decided to watch last night–having not watched at least the past week, and maybe more than that, but Natalie’s conception of Matt’s feelings towards her was more than a little bit scary.

My favorite moment: when someone was counting the 27 letters of the alphabet and realized that “and” is not a letter.

My burning questions: what color is James’s hair? Is it a color that does not exist in nature? Has it been that color since the start of the season, or has he dyed it somehow since then?

The 27 letters person was Natalie, again.

James’s hair has actually faded a bit since the first ep. It used to be much more fluorescently pink.

Matt has no worries. He will know Natalie is behind him long before she arrives…

Thank you for the information.

I totally do not recall seeing someone with fluorescent pink hair before last night. I guess it shows how much attention I pay, when I bother to pay attention–although I suppose that part of what made James’s hair noteworthy last night was trying to decide whether his hair really was pink or if that was my imagination.

So, any favorites to win the competition?

I think that James stands a good chance. He seems smart enough, and I love how he threw Matt “under the bus” by making him admit to telling both Ryan and Adam that he wouldn’t vote them out. However, he may be too attached to Chelsia for his own good.

I hope that Natalie stays for a long time, both as a foil for Matt and comic relief for the rest of the house.

I like Natalie’s personality as far as it is very positive and happy. I could never be with a girl who doesn’t know the alphabet has 26 letters. And fake hooters are also a mark against her.

I didn’t like James to start, but after confronting Matt in front of Ryan and Adam about what he was promising them, I started to like him.

Sharon seems like the most level-headed person in the group, though I think she’s got a thing for Matt (a sure sign of soft-headedness). (I also like her because she is from Olathe, KS my hometown).

I’m not sure Sharon does have a thing for Matt. She says she doesn’t, and she seems level-headed enough not to let it sway her even if she is crushing on him a little bit.

I think the game is between Sharon, Matt, and James, with Ryan and Chelsia as possible dark horses. Ryan just seems too passive to make any big moves, and Chelsia is likely to shoot herself in the foot by pissing James off.

But Matt better watch out–the whole Natalie thing could blow up in his face somehow. She really does seem to be delusional.

Okay, that was a way more interesting episode than I expected.

I’m really torn this season…do I root against smug, smarmy, woman-bashing coward Josh or smug, smarmy, woman-exploiting man-ho Matt? Decisions…decisions…

Well, I’m happy to help you decide.

Smug vs. smug–tie
Smarmy vs. Smarmy–tie
Woman bashing vs. woman exploiting–exploiting is worse, but in this case, she’s practically begging to be exploited. I’d call it a draw.
Coward vs. man-ho–Being a coward is very bad. Being a man-ho isn’t necessarily bad.

The answer is clear. You should root against Josh.

Disagree – man-ho/woman-exploiter trumps coward. Root against Matt.

I thought Ryan showed good judgment going against Josh and the crew, but he could have put up Josh against Sharon to insure one of the two is gone. The one good thing about his move is that one of the two “couples” will be split up.