Big Brother 6 7/19-7/21

I guess all the interest in this show has died on the SDMB.

I am still watching and was amazed at how crazy everyone is this year. I predict at least one MORE major meltdown in the house. The one on Tuesday was pretty severe. That is probably only the second time I have heard someone other than Julie talking to the houseguest during the show.

Anyone on the live feed? I can’t bring myself to pay for it…

No live feed for me. I can live with the mystery.

Tuesday night was pretty good. You could really tell that they had finally gotten some liquor into their systems! :stuck_out_tongue: I thought Eric was gonna deck Michael and I REALLY thought Kaysar was gonna deck Ivette! Keep the alcohol flowing, as it makes for a more interesting show!

I’m still a big fan of this one. Heh … “what are ya gonna do, ya f—in’ midget?” Now THIS is what I call good TV!

Oh no.
We are all on Joker’s Update.
The give minute by minute reports. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

GAH! I could have lived without hearing Holly’s voice again.

I watch the show when I can, but I don’t tape it if I can’t. What the hell happened on Tuesday? I only caught the last half hour or so. Apparently whatshimname “molested” whatshername. Could someone fill me in?

Nobody molested anybody. The most we saw was last saturday when Michael kissed pointy-nose girl on the arm and she told him to knock it off. She then complained to Eric and Eric kinda played it off like every girl in the house was scared of Michael because he was sexually harrassing them.

Eventually, Eric put Michael up for eviction and Michael got pissed. They played on each other’s nerves for a while until it all came to a head (because Michael made some stupid smartass remark about Eric’s grandparents - in private to Janelle, no less - and Rachel heard it and ran back to squeal to Eric). They almost came to blows, but were separated by the other houseguests and the producers ordered them into separate rooms. Then Kaysar and Ivette started getting heated and the producers made everyone go to a different place in the yard until everyone would cool off.

That makes more sense. Thanks.

Sorry to resurrect, but my words for tonight are : HELL YES. I’m more and more impressed with Kaysar everyday. Within a couple of days, he has pretty much single-handedly switch the entire momentum of the game and turned the people with the most power into the people with the least. I can’t wait to see how this plays out.