Big Brother 6 - Meet the Houseguests!

Well, it is only a scant 8 days until the latest season of Big Brother 6. CBS has finally updated their Big Brother website with the list of 14(?!) houseguests.

Here is my take:

April - Pharmaceutical Sales Rep - 30 - Newlywed - Dallas, TX
Seems like a typical, vanilla personality. Nothing really stood out to me about her. Which could mean she could coast for quite a while. Her only “drawback” is that she is a newlywed, so expect whining to the camera about how much she misses her hubby. Also, she can’t form a boyfriend alliance, which is both good and bad.

Ashlea - Fashion Design Student - 22 - Single - Plantation, FL
Considers peanut butter a snack, so that could help. No favorite music? I wonder what CD she will ask for if she wins HoH? Tied for the youngest houseguest.

Beau - Personal Shopper - 25 - Single - Pembroke Pines, FL
Personal shopper? Likes chick flicks? Favorite actress…Dakota Fanning? Likes “girl drinks”… interesting.

Eric - Firefighter - 36 - Married Dad - Boston, MA
Could have another Survivor Tom on our hands. Oldest houseguest, which never ends well. I didn’t know anyone still ate Whatchamacallits!

Howie - Meteorology Student - 34 - Single - Chicago, IL
Red flag. Meterology Student at age 34. Seems to have an eclectic mix of likes.

Ivette - Waitress - 25 - Single - Miami Beach, FL
Reminds me of former BB houseguest Lisa. She’s “gotta have her Pops” What the heck is Orangina?

James - Loss Prevention Manager - 29 - Single - Atlanta, GA
Likes Hannity and Colmes. And all the Miami sports teams (just like Ivette). Lot of Miami fans this year!

Janelle - VIP Cocktail Waitress - 25 - Single - Miami Beach, FL
My first take is airhead, but we will see. Cheerleading is a sport?

Jennifer - Arena Football League Dancer - 27 - Single- Plano, TX
Likes Diet Dr. Pepper and Dr. Pepper.

Kaysar - Graphic Designer - 24 - Single - Irvine, CA
Most of his favorites are…no favorites. So either he is shy or just anti-social. First one out? Methinks yes.

Maggie - Emergency Room Nurse - 26 - Single - Las Vegas, NV
Hobbies are…outdoor activities (a little broad, hon.) She can at least talk to Eric about the Red Sox.

Michael - Artist - 28 - Single - Orange County, CA
Nothing really jumps out at me about Michael.

Rachel - Horse Breeder - 33 - Single - Parker, CO
Horse Breeder. Mom of the group (oldest female). Not a great taste in movies (IMHO).

Sarah - Retail Manager - 22 - Single - Chicago, IL
Likes “anything funny or romantic” for films. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore are her favorite actors (she must love 50 First Dates and The Wedding Singer). Which is confusing, because those movies weren’t very funny or romantic (again, IMHO).

Looks like an interesting bunch overall. Not a large difference in age ranges. No one claims to be a non-drinker (except possibly the silent Kaysar, who apparently abstains from speaking). 14 houseguests seems a bit cramped, but we will see. Should make for an interesting season. Though I fear that this show is getting a little long in the tooth. What do you all think?

Five gay men?
WOW :eek: :stuck_out_tongue: :rolleyes:

LOL. One gay guy and several metrosexuals…just like normal! :cool: Now who is Beau going to have a crush on?

Thanks for putting this together, Twin.

I wonder what the “twist” will be this year? They’ve gotten a little more bizarre and “soap opera”-esque as the series has continued. However, one thing that I do respect about this series is that they only have one season per year – they don’t try to shove multiple seasons down the viewing public’s throats (I’m looking at you, Survivor and Apprentice).

I have a question:

What the heck is a personal shopper? I have never heard of that job here in Yurp. What does a personal shopper do for a living? Does he go shopping for other people who can’t or are too lazy to?

Furthermore, what is a VIP cocktail waitress? Does she only serve VIP’s? Or is it just a euphemism for high-class hooker? :smiley:

A personal shopper assists customers with a level of individualized attention and service beyond what a retail associate would offer. For example, a shopper can help a customer pull together an entire season’s wardrobe based on his or her needs, budget or style. Personal shoppers usually work in upscale department or specialty stores; some work on commission, while others are salaried.

So it turns out your description, though brief, is just as accurate. :slight_smile:

My guess is the former, though the latter could be an “extracurricular activity” :stuck_out_tongue:

I just noticed that we have an uneven split between guys and girls (6 to 8). This means that if the girls are smart, an all-girl alliance could be unstoppable. Seeing as how this is Big Brother, though, look for the girls to realize this and then fail to act on it.

Mostly from the lack of anything else being on this time of year, I manage to get drawn into these shows. But it’s been rare that by the third airing I won’tl already have a strong dislike for one or two, a moderately good feeling for another one or two, and a yawning apathy toward the others. This looks even more like yawn time, with nothing but pictures to go by.

I just hope we can avoid another Will! He ruined what was left of last season’s show with his hatred for the twins. I was partial to them. I liked Nokomis until the last two or three episodes she was there.

My all-time favorite was the other Will – the liar. We need more of his type.

Have any of you heard of plans for an All-Stars BB?

Sheesh, not very diverse this year is it?
11 white single people between the ages of 22 and 34,
1 black guy,
1 newlywed,
1 married dad.
I always thought the diversity of the show was what made it interesting, people of various ages and backgrounds thrown into the mix.
Now it’s like some 20 something singles party. Not much fun in that.

The twist, you ask? The twist is that instead of there being 14 individuals going into the house, there are actually 7 different 2 person sets of pre-existing relationships (bro/sis, co-worker/best friends, etc). The fun part is that each pair thinks they are the only pre-existing relationship in the house. They plan to keep each one a secret from the rest by upping the prize money. If the pair can both make it to the final 2 without anyone else finding out, the winner gets $1million. Otherwise, the final prize is $500K.

Should make alliances interesting since a pair could get into 2 different known alliances and play them off of each other. It should be fun to watch if any pairs try to pull off a feigned hatred of each other to try and be as non-obvious as possible.

And half of them are zombies!

Now that, I’d watch.

Thought I would bump this thread since Big Brother 6 begins tonight at 8 PM.

According to the informal polling on the Big Brother 6 website, voters believe Kaysar will be voted off first (with 30% of the votes) and that Howie will win (with 14% of the votes). It’s too early to tell, though (obviously). Here’s hoping this is an exciting season!

How many nghts a week is it on?

He’s from Chicago and his favorite sports teams are the Broncos and Hurricanes? WTF. NEXT!

It is on three times a week: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

My impressions so far:

Eric (what IS it with Big Brother and firefighters named Eric?!) can rescue me anyday…my Og, that body!

Janelle is WAY too much Holly Part 2. WAY TOO MUCH! Gah!

Sarah has that Hillary Swank mouth-too-big-for-her-face thing going.

Ashlea looks a lot like Nia Verdalis.

Rachel IS Lisa (the one who won BB3)

Beau…is going to annoy the hell out of me eventually. He’s Marcellus II, now with 50% more Queen!

Everyone else is kind of still hard to make out from the background, except that I think April could quite easily become the Queen Bitch if anyone gets on her bad side…

Does anyone have a link to the reports on the live feeds?

Mike is a honey!

Any guesses on who the teams are?

Steve (security guy) decided that being a “ninth grade philosophy teacher” was less threatening that being a security guy? Get over yourself! You’re a mall cop! “Ninth grade philosophy teacher?” I hope someone asks him a serious, but basic philosophy question (ie name some philosophers of Locke’s era) and his head explodes.

What am I thinking? No one in this house would know who Diogensis was even if he walked through the front door and started masturbating in the pool. Heck, even money says half of them think the Civil War happened in the 20th century. :smack:

Are any of the women on the show natural “up there?” It didn’t seem like it.

What I don’t understand, regarding the “twist”, is that every time someone is eliminated, someone else loses a partner, and thus has no reason to keep the secret anymore. I don’t think it would be too long before everyone else figured out what was going on.

I thought the same thing. After the first person is off, their partner announces “hey, that was my secret pal. Oh well, that secret didn’t last long.”
Everyone else thinks “They had a secret partner? I have a secret partner! 1 + 1 = 2! Everyone has a secret partner!”

Then the battles begin! “You bastard! You formed an alliance making sure your partner was in it!”, “You bastard, you joined an alliance without me!”