Big Brother Is Watching Dirk Benedict (and Leo Sayer and Ken Russell)

Yes, Face Man is among the inmates in the latest edition of Celebrity Big Brother, along with such luminaries as Leo “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing” Sayer and movie director Ken “Tommy” Russell. Lt. Peck is looking pretty damn good for 61, I must say.

Looking good, sure.

But I would never have recognized him. He looks nothing like he did back in the day. More like Mark Hamill with a dye job, actually. That just ain’t the Faceman’s face!

Wow. Ken Russell? One of the few literally visionary directors of cinema? I don’t know what to think.

BTW, he’s actually Ken “The Devils/The Music Lovers/Altered States” Russell, not Ken “Tommy” Russell.

There’s a new series of “I’m a celebrity has-been, get me a career”? Wow! Another great excuse to get out and enjoy life…

I prefer to think of him as Ken “Lisztomania/Lair of the White Worm” Russell.

I think of him as Ken “Savage Messiah” Russell. Though judging on last night’s entry into the house, he’s more like Ken “I’m a completely mental alcoholic” Russell.

They are one and the same.

Chez, whoosh? :smiley:

He’s also rather advanced in years. I’d be nervous about him keeling over in the House.

Hmmm, Ken Russell. I coudl get tempted to watch the damn thing.

I’ll be cheering for the Aussie celebrity Leo Sayer.

And Jermaine Jackson? Now a Muslim who’s afraid to share a toilet?

How come they don’t have quality TV like this in the US?

I’ll be avoiding this like the plague. There’s nothing more pathetic than seeing a bunch of ageing has-beens and wannabes poncing around the Big Brother house, desperately trying to dredge up some media attention with their whining, bitching and backstabbing. I’ll never understand why people will waste time watching this utterly pointless drivel.

I don’t mind being wooshed (well I do actually) but I’d like to know how.

Call me stupid and indulge me. :slight_smile:

I turned it on last night after a mate informed me that there was a hot Indian woman on it.

Instead of the thwap worthy Shilpa, I was faced with Carole Malone and that punk bloke.

Thoughts of perving were quickly forgotten and I watched Shaun of the Dead instead.

I’ve never understood why people go out of their way to tell others they won’t watch something on the telly. Similarly, I’ve never understood how people are able to ascertain the quality of a programme that they proclaim they will avoid like the plague. :wink:

You don’t understand? Well, perhaps this will help. (Okay, it’s not exactly the same thing, but close enough to be funny).

I’ll never understand why people make posts pointing out the absolute obvious absurdity of other people’s posts.

That’s nothing…I don’t have an ISP.

Aaargh, we may be stuck in a runaway feedback loop… :stuck_out_tongue:

We could reverse the polarity on one of the posts.