Big Headed People

I’m so excited! I just found a site which carries hats for big heads (not just baseball caps!). My head is 25 inches around, that puts me ~8 for hat size, which is not easy to find. So to find a somewhat stylish hats is fairly cool. If you’re curious drop me a line and I’ll send you the link.

I’ve suffered for a while with hats that were obviously too small for me and so I just got used to not wearing hats. But recently I’ve really wanted a straw cowboy hat that has rolled up brims. And now I found one!

Ah I love the Internet.

Where is it? Where? Where? Where? I have been looking for a place for YEARS. Even places that carry big sizes have not been able to fit me…

I’d really appreciate it too, please.

Drachillix has a big head and says that chicks dig his large cranium, but so far I find that I’m the only one that really does, and as the hair thins, I’d love to see this link!

For the most part, I think hats are kind of stupid - but when I am working in the backyard in the summer, I wouldn’t mind having at least one baseball cap that would fit without causing my temples to beat to the rhythm of a Village People song.

Always love those labels in those adjustable baseball caps “one size fits all”…well, no it doesn’t.

I don’t know if the OP was referring to this, but Tilley Endurables offers hats in a variety of styles in sizes up to what they call 8+. I bought one of their T1 hats a few years ago in size 8+, and have always been very happy with it. Here’s a link to their men’s hats (which for some reason also includes their children’s hats.)

Is it true what they say about men with big heads? :wink:

I suspect he’s talking about this. It has a thing where you can add a link and get a cut of the profits. Where you trying to make money off the backs of us dopers ronin? Because I’m pretty sure that’s a no-no here.

Ronin did email me the link that he was refering to in the OP. That was not it. :smiley:

Christ I wish. All my fat head’s gotten me is big shoulders.

I need that link. I was thrilled - THRILLED - when I stopped in the Cabela’s store in Owatonna, MN a couple weeks ago en route to a fishing excursion and found a 2XL boonie hat. Thats the first time I found one to fit my Charlie Brown head. Its hard for me to find adjustable caps that fit (‘one size fits all’ my ass) and fitted caps are out of the question. I don’t know the exact size of my melon but I do know that for each of my three graduations a special order needed to be made for my cap. Boy thats fun :frowning:

I’ve only found one base ball hat the fit, and that was litterly found at a park. The only hats I’ve tried on and fit are a couple cowboy hats. They are not my perefence for a sun hat. I look great in shorts, t-shirt, and hiking boots, going down the trail in a cowboy hat. Yah real cool. It 's even mose impressive when the trail goes through the beach area.

I left the link out of the post for the exact reason that I did not wish to link to any vendors and possibly upset the mods here. I am in no way involved with the company which I emailed the link to people, I’m just a 6’6" guy with a huge noggin trying to share the love.

I’m a bit insulted that you think that of my character.

I’m a 5’8" girl with a huge noggin’ that can’t find herself a hat that doesn’t cause her to pass out when she wears one… please, will you share the love with me?

Me too! I thought it was Ok to link to outside sites as long as it’s not one the poster profits from. 5’11" female here with a large head, I’ve given up on finding women’s hats that look good. My summer hat is a Tilley, my winter hat is nonexistent (I make do with earmuffs or a scarf). So Ronin, if that site carries hats for the female persuasion, please post the link!

Well I thought there existed a rule about these links, regardless of personal income or interest, but there doesn’t and so I’ll post the link I was talking about in the OP.

I don’t see any hats specifically for women, sorry :-/.

That’s great, I’ve always wanted a fitted baseball cap that fits my mega dome. Now if someone can just find a link to cool looking sunglasses that don’t make it look like I’ve got an hourglass for a head, I’ll be set.

Now for a link to mens socks that fit. The USA has one size for adult men and they are a very tight fit. My feet are not gigantic. All the socks are made for Homo floresiensis or something.

Sorry about the assumption I made earlier, I thought you knew that it was okay to list this type of thing, so I thought it odd that you left it out. I won’t make the same mistake again. has a wide variety of hats in big sizes, for men, women, and other creatures with heads. Remember, though, a parabola is not two bowlers.

I have the same type problem, though my size is a mere 7 3/4. Sincer I was beaten to the Tilley Hat recommendation, I’ll offer another. For boseball-type caps, go to Military Clothing if you have access to a military base, or an Army/Navy surplus store if you don’t. They have caps in SIZES. No, not 6 /78 or anything like that, but at least small, medium, large. One could quite possibly find something that fits there. I have one from each that actually fits, thank you Lord.

With these, plus the Tilley, I am…prepared.