What's your hat size?

My hat size is 7 3/8. I just discovered that my brother, the venerable Billdo also has a 7 3/8 head. IMHO, he’s kinda big-headed, ya know? Therefore, I have to conclude that I must have a giant head, because he’s a lot bigger and taller than me, and he’s male. (Do men have bigger heads than women? I always thought so, but I could be wrong.)

So anyway, what’s your hat size?

Never bought a hat would not know sorry

I’m about 7 and a quarter.

How do you find out, shy of going to the store and trying some on?

I’m 7 and 3/8.

So don’t worry. You and your brother are both completely normal.

I wear (at age 29 if you can believe it) a size 7 1/8 dark grey felt Fedora, like you might have seen in the 1940’s

I love having a hat that is not the same as everyone else’s around…

I was recently given a hat-size measuring tape so I could be fitted for a graduation cap, and apparently I’m a 7 3/8 also. I know that this is huge for a female, since my mother buys the largest hats she can find to fit over her voluminous hair, and hers tend to be slightly too small on me.

7 and 3/4

My hat size is 7 7/8. Needless to say I have trouble finding a hat that fits. Ever since I was a kid my head was too big for most hats, and I was mercilessly kidded when I tried to put on the largest hat the band teacher had. Enough ancient history. Anyone else have a similar problem?

7 3/8 or 7 1/4.

I think women may need larger size hats because of the propensity for more hair volume. I keep my hair trimmed short, but if I’m due for a haircut, my hats fit more snugly.

So, Green Bean, that may account for your hat size being the same as Bill’s.

6 7/8

Hey, man, I may live in Jersey, but I don’t have big hair!

I have pretty fine, straight hair, and Bill has some pretty thick hair. It could be a contributing factor, but I don’t think it’s enough to make that much of a difference in our case.

As far as finding out your hat size–you could measure and do a conversion, but trial and error works better I think. My first sized hat was a Tilley Hat. www.tilley.com has a conversion calculator for you. But, Tilley Hats do run a bit small. My true hat size is a 7 3/8, but my Tilley Hat is a 7 1/2! :eek:

OH My G-D. I could have written this! I once wanted a new bike helmet and they (the helmet makers) had nothing big enough.

One size fit all, my a$$:eek:

7 1/8. I have a smallish head, but I’m thin.

I used to wear a 7 5/8 football helmet.

To figure it out, I think you just measure the circumference of your head, then divide by pi (?).

Sixe 7 1/4 black trilby.

Welcome, Phatman!

I’m 7 1/4.

Not at all. Not at all. 7 3/8 is completely normal.

7 3/4. 6’3", 220, size 13.

Hmmm…22" = size 7

Geez, I’ve got a little head!