Big Love 2/21/10

Is it just me, or has this show gone completely insane?

It’s not just you. Way too much going on, it’s disjointed, confusing and characters continue to act completely, well, out of character.

I can’t buy Frank ever apologizing for what he did to his family, the man has not shown a shred of redeeming quality ever. Almost every story line is ridiculous. There’s only two episodes left and I can’t imagine that they’ll pull it together.

I will say though, that I’m glad some of the things I expected, didn’t happen. I expected Jodeen to matyr herself somehow. I did buy the Joey going for revenge (in fact, made me think about what would happen to a kind of beaten down man like Joey when he killed the man who he had been taught was God on earth, or however they think of the Prophet). The part where Ben asked for an appeal was pretty good too.

I am very intrigued as to the big secret that JJ has, but I have a feeling I will profoundly disappointed when it comes out.

Now that’s what I call disarmament. I LOVED Lois throughout the episode though: “I loved you as… a buddy” to Ben, or “I’m sure we’d have hit the skids even without that” to Frank, or “Leave him” to Bill, with a “we can come back for him later” add on.

Otherwise probably my least favorite episode of the season. And so many plotholes.

Must have been a damned sharp machete because she didn’t swing it that hard. What I didn’t understand- and struck me as false- was Selma letting them leave when she could easily have finished them AND gotten Hollis to the doctor (not that I think any surgeon is going to be able to do much with that considering the distance they have to go and the fact it’s completely severed at the joint).

Also- do you really think Ciudad Green would be that easy to get into and out of? Or that the prisoners would be unguarded when the Greens know Bill is coming?

I didn’t have a hard time buying Frank’s apology. He thought he was going to die, and besides it wasn’t a mea culpa so much as an explanation (it was that or poverty).

Joey is such a dumbass. Had I been Bill I’d have just left him there to be a diversion while the rest of us escaped. If he doesn’t slow them up long enough then throw down Frank. I’d have thought Jodean would be more into killing Hollis though.

Is there any drug that will give a woman a false-positive on a pregnancy test and a “glowing feeling”? Even if she was a teenager when her kids were born Adaleen would have to be in her mid 50s, which while possible is E-X-T-R-E-M-E-L-Y unlikely, and I would think she’s more like 60.

Lucky for Lois that Hollis had all the bones in his shoulder surgically removed years ago. Of course I have no idea why she swung for his arm and not his skull…

The parrot smuggling story was one of the most bizarre plotlines this show has ever had, and that is really saying something. It’s just loony, and it only got loonier as it went along. But I thought it did pay off very well: Bill realizes how far off course he’s gone, and that brings most of the crap he’s done this season into perspective. Of course they nearly ruined it with the “Selma, they can save the arm- you’ve got to choose!” thing, but considering it’s this show, they did pretty well. A few too many shots of the ostriches, though. Sometimes they were cut into scenes for no reason, just looking surprised. That reduced the drama considerably. But I really did like the breakout scene, starting with Frank’s apology. I thought he meant what he said. Not that doesn’t mean he’s going to change as a person.

On the other hand, Margene marrying Goran is a Lucy-grade harebrained scheme. It’s the kind of thing Margene might have suggested in season one or two, but to have her not only come up with this dumbass idea but go ahead with it this season, where she has been more mature, was absurd. Not as flat-out insane as Adaleen being pregnant (or thinking she’s preggers because her ferret man said so), but it’s nuts.

Marilyn being in league with Ralph, uh, I mean, RON, Reed and Paley is bizarre, too. But we don’t know what they are after, so it’s hard to judge. Maybe they want to cut in on the Mexican parrot smuggling, which really sounds like a bad double entendre. And not that I missed him, but it was really weird that we didn’t see Alby for even a second this episode. There are too many balls in the air here, and considering his storyline I should probably rephrase that.

I’m sure they’ve cut him down by now.

I think Nicky may have been onto something about Margene’s marriage- that in addition to “Ana and baby stay in country/Goran stays with Ana/blah blah yadda” Margene gets an “occasional husband”. She was a kid when she married Bill, not a whole lot older than a compound woman, and I think only now is she really starting to rethink what probably seemed a subversive sexy adventure at first.

How do you tell your wife “I can tell you now it’s over but didn’t want to worry you, and don’t be mad, but our son has been locked in an ostrich pen in the zoo of a crazed inbred polygamist and his cross dressing murdering branding kidnapping senior wife who played the grandma in Napoleon Dynamite- what are you doing with that branding iron and blow torch Barb?”

I would love to hear the story of how she went from Selma Grant to “Brother Selma” Green. The Greens are so freaky that they’ve become my favorite over-the-top characters on television.

I was surprised they were that bold also, especially considering Ralph and Ron have both been involved in really shitty unethical Indian casino lobbyist scandals.

Does anyone know if this is the last season? HBO has been known to leave us hanging. (Deadwood) It would make some sense for the story line if this is working up to a cliff hanger for a season ending rather than trying to wrap all of this up in two more shows.

They’ve already been signed up for another season.

Good Og, can you imagine Nikki on hormones?!?!
Margene did not get a pre-nup. I see trouble there…

Someone on another board has an intriguing theory for what’s going on with JJ/Adaleen/Wanda -

I think J.J and his son are stealing embryos or eggs or whatever they’re called from the young girls and implanting them in older women to allow them to have more children, and to insinuate that J.J is that much closer to God, that he and his son can ultimately “convince” god to allow these women to have more children. i think that J.J used some of Wanda’s eggs, and therefore he does have at least one of her children, which is why he taunted her about having something precious of hers. I think he may have been pumping young Kansas compound girls full of hormones and selling their eggs. Or just helping people get pregnant on the compound with stolen eggs, which is what he’s doing to become prophet of Juniper creek. There is something medically sinister going on, and that’s the only thing that makes sense to me, especially when you factor in how much money women who sell their eggs can make ($5000+)and of course, J.J needs that money for more ratty pickup trucks and clothes from the 1929 Sears Catalog.

Based on the level of ridiculousness to which the show has sunk, I assume it was a light saber. I was just surprised that they weren’t rescued by giant sentient parrots.

I’m surprised to hear that there will be another season. I’m getting a distinct “last season of Oz” vibe, where all semblance of realism is abandoned.

This show is like a really long book that had your interest at first. Then, after 700 pages it turned to shit, but you have so much time invested in it you stubbornly keep slogging through it wishing the house would catch fire so the damn thing would go up in flames and you could just move on. It’s a train wreck you can’t look away from.

I’m thinking in vitro fertilization.

What an awful episode. The whole Mexican adventure is just a ridiculous side plot, yet it took up most of this hour.

Ooh, I didn’t even think about that. singular1’s spoiler certainly adds an interesting side note. Did anybody else find the “doctor” creepy, other than his relationship to JJ? He looked too young to be a doctor, but then certain angles he looked old. I just got a creeped out vibe from him, and that was before John Mace & singular1’s comments here.

Yeah, I’ve had enough of Mexico. I could do with more Greens, just not Mexico. And what was up with Ben’s “appeal?” Hollis Green thinks he’s the true prophet, judge & jury, so why would he listen to some kid’s claiming he is due an appeal??


It’s hard to isolate the stupidest part of this idea, but I think it’s this: just a couple of weeks ago, or maybe less, Margene owned up to kissing Ben “and meaning it.” So Bill had doubts about her commitment to him and they’re just beginning to ease… and then she immediately goes and marries someone else? She swears up and down that it’s just for his green card, but even if she means it, that would make any man suspicious right after the kissing thing.

I wish we’d heard that conversation. It might have been the best single thing in this entire series.

I’ve been confused about that the entire time. I must have missed the “brother” thing because I could never tell if she was TG, just trying to be in disguise, had fantasies of being an FBI agent, or what.

What I didn’t really understand was Nikki being diagnosed with secondary infertility. I thought you had to be trying for a year without results to be considered infertile? But the whole thing with Ana happened before she and Bill started trying, so they can’t have been trying for 9 months yet because Ana was already pregnant when they started trying and is still pregnant. Surely that’s too soon to already be diagnosed and tested for infertility, isn’t it?

Dude, you are too funny!! :slight_smile:

Hey, what was it that Nikki said to JJ? She was threatening to rat on him about something…?

While it’s one of the oldest TV and movie tropes around, isn’t the “green card marriage” far from 100% effective in keeping people in the country? My understanding is that not getting deported is a far more complicated issue than just getting a wedding license.

I’m guessing that now Frank has been delivered from the brink of death and all and of more disposing mind we’re going to learn something major about Bill and Joey’s sister Maggie. We know she was given in marriage to somebody but we don’t know who; I wonder if it was JJ.

Great casting with the actor who played JJ, Jr. btw. He could definitely be Zeljko Ivanek’s son.

It was in one of their first appearances when they were at war with Roman Grant. Roman sends some henchmen to teach them a lesson and Hollis gave a furious phone call to (Bill I believe) mentioning how they roughed up and humiliated “my beloved brother Selma”.
At the time I think the writers had not yet made her Roman’s sister and probably had her as Hollis’s sister but then later decided it would be more interesting if she was Hollis’s wife. She is jealous of Hollis- she hated the thought of him taking another wife- and as evidenced by her getting dressed in his bedroom last night she apparently still sleeps with him. She’s by far the most intriguing character on the show.

If we can trust the wackiness that often appears on other TV shows dealing with green card marriages, they may have to deal with ICE* and prove they’re living together and a “real” married couple.

*The immigration and customs people, not the bounty hunter and party planner.

The whole Greene compound escape was just terribly written and paced and nonsensical. I found it very disappointing. Although I guess its purpose was to give the characters a chance to grow, not to be realistic, yada yada yada. Still, distractingly idiotic.
Other than that, though, I’m enjoying things. And as an American who recently married a furriner, I can state that having faked up pictures from last Christmas will, in fact, help. Although they’ll also ideally need their joint names on credit card bills and lots of other things of that sort.

My wife and I never had the “take them into two separate rooms and ask each one questions and compare the results” thing, because we were convincing enough with our collection of photos and documents and stuff, but it does happen.

Ben was playing off of Hollis’ claim that he was putting them on trial. The sham arrest, trial and convicion allow him to be seen as completely justified in his decisions and merciful in giving them a chance to defend themselves, as opposed to murdering them for pissing him off.

Since they’d “officially” been tried and convicted, it only makes sense to request some sort of appeal. After all, what system of justice doesn’t allow for an appeal?
Hollis obviously considered Ben’s request and obviously decided that it was consistent with the delusion he’d set up. Further, at the time, he assumed he had all the time in the world and there was no one to interfere with the process.

As a whole, I think this show just keeps getting more and more over the top.
Bill is such an egomaniac and obvious narcissist that I just can’t to stop watching.