BIG LOVE 2/28/10, or "The Lord Says He Wants us to continue jumping over this shark"

One episode to go and I don’t see how they’re going to resolve anything without cliffhangers galore. (I know they always have cliffhangers, but usually they at least resolve the minor things.)

Marilyn [del]Abramoff[/del] and [del]Ralph[/del] Ron Reed plotline thickens. I’m wondering if Bill’s going to deal with her as Roman would. (Such a pity he doesn’t add Selma to his harem- she’d neutralize both Reed and Densham with one branding iron, ostrich pen or machete.)

Barb’s not having a good week: makes a big faux pas statement at an Eagle Forum (where strangely none of the Mormon ladies seem to know she’s been formally excommunicated nor has this come out in the campaign at all- isn’t that a little odd or is excommunication that confidential?), hires a world class she-devil lobbyist, blurts out that 'our brother-in-law killed your dad Nicky- want a marshmallow?" and pisses off Sarah all in a short span. Here’s the wiki about the study she was evidently referring to on Mormon women and Prozac.

If polygamy/Barb’s comments/casino interests/etc. don’t cost Bill the election then letting Teeny (or whatever her name is) tap dance on air should. Shows poor judgment and disregard for the feelings of others.

Applaud Nicky’s desire (briefly) to modernize her look but— damn. Watch a makeover show honey, preferably not one that’s on Beta Max.

Did anybody else laugh at Alby listening to “These Boots Were Made for Walking”? Good move on Lura’s part not confessing.

If Adaleen is dead maybe she’ll join the ghost of her husband in taunting Alby and invite over the dead boyfriend and form the core of something like the gallery of dead princesfrom STARDUST.

For thoroughly psychotic compounds convinced of their own right to kill with impunity and the worship of their Prophet the Greens are a surprisingly forgiving lot aren’t they? Bill seems to have absolutely no fear of reprisal from them. I guess Lois took the machete with her and they’re scared.

The Goran-Margene plot thickens, not that anybody cares.

Any thoughts or observations?

Holy crap, it just goes from bad to worse.

I did like Amanda Seyfried’s skimpy tops, though. If they show her nekkid I’ll forgive this embarassing trainwreck of a season…

Sampiro, in general, excommunication is that confidential. It’s supposed to be only knowledge that the bishop + his two counselors + ward clerk would know about. However, there is a meeting each week wherein all the heads of the various groups (Women’s group, men’s group, teen group, young kid group) all discuss the fallen or the wandering sheep or whatever patronizing label is applied to those who aren’t full-on turbo mormons.

I was disciplined by the church once (not excommunicated, I resigned later) and I was startled to realize how many people knew about my status when I’d been under the impression that it was supposed to be confidential.

So I would say that, in general, the group Barb had been speaking to should have no way of knowing her status; if she was a full-blown turbo mormon in good standing, an excommunicated apostate, a resigned former member, or something in between. Unless, of course, there were people present in the room who belonged to her home ward and have known her since she became inactive (stopped going to church).

Inactive = Still a member of record, but doesn’t attend meetings or participate in rituals
Resigned or excommunicated = no longer a member of record

That was funny stuff, but not as funny as the climactic slow-mo tetherball match. Most TV shows would never even have a climactic slow-mo tetherball match, but this one asked us to treat it as a serious contest. Wow.

When oh when is someone (anyone) going to take Bill down a peg or two?! Even if it’s Marilyn, I’d so like to see it. He has just been rubbing me the wrong way all season, more than any other season, and last night was angry with Barb for -disobeying- him. ARGH!

I’m finally ready to concede that yes, this season has turned into a full-on trainwreck, complete with nuclear waste on board. I do still like Selma and Hollis Green and was pleased to be able to see a bit of their unreal crazyness. I’d like to see some of the JJ family brand of crazy, which I think might probably rival the Green’s. Heh.

Hmm. I have this DVRed, but a bunch of other things (including the closing ceremonies of the Olympics) are, too. Last week’s episode was so ridiculous, I don’t feel too motivated to watch. I’m reading this thread to decide whether to bother.

Thanks. How big a deal is it that somebody is inactive? That’s something that would be fairly easy to check for somebody investigating her (like the opponent) I would think- even as simple a matter as asking her “so which church do you attend?” would do it.

Did anybody else think her comment on Mormon women was at least partly intentional due to her desire for Bill to lose the election?

It sort of depends on who you talk to (how big a deal it is if someone’s inactive). Perhaps this is best addressed from my own personal experience. Just keep in mind, this could be wildly different for someone else who lives down the street from me.

I was inactive for about 15-20 years before I finally formally resigned. If the meetings in church aren’t about obedience and chastity, then they are about reactivating the inactives. Family members will send missionaries to your house to check on you. There is a home visit program called Home Teaching – typically two priesthood holders, but it could be just one guy. They are to visit the inactive family and report back if they need anything (GEICO Translation: If someone is sinning or approaching apostasy, they have to rat their asses out!). L

ikewise, the women have a program called Visiting Teaching, which is basically the same thing. Read an article in the mormon magazine The Ensign, or bring a spiritual message from last Sunday’s services, have a nice prayer, how are you, how are the kids, and off to the next visit. Home Teachers and Visiting Teachers are assigned a list of maybe a dozen other mormons they are supposed to visit each month, both actives and inactives. If the person is inactive, then they get invited to meetings or special events or social events.

Sometimes baked goods are dropped off at your doorstep with a chirpy, vapid note: “We love you! We miss you! Please come back to church!” Exmormons refer to this as “love bombing.”

Mormons believe it is their responsibility to be stewards over other people’s spirituality because they are supposed to A) spread the word and B) they have the one and only religious truth and therefore, it is their duty to teach it to you and give you a chance to accept or reject it.

Note: If someone directly questions an inactive and it is determined that the inactive is now attending the Catholic church, or the Baptist Church or the UU church, or whatever, then the HT or VT can report that the Bishop and the inactive can be called into a Bishop’s court for apostacy and excommunicated. Generally this does not happen unless the inactive is actively preaching against the mormon church and/or is actively trying to pull other mormons out of the church.

I do not think that Barb’s comments about mormon women and prozac were meant to undermine Bill’s election. She probably thought she was doing a great public service by trying to address very real issues for women in Utah. It was stupid because mormon women and prozac are like a big purple elephant in the middle of the room. Mormons are supposed to constantly be striving toward perfection. “Be ye perfect as your father in heaven is perfect.” Admitting that you need a crutch like an antidepressant is akin to admitting that you can’t cut it as a good mormon woman, you are weak, and it is a sin not to sacrifice your life, your time, your beauty, your mind, and all your resources to build the kingdom of heaven, which means to raise as many little mormon children as you can. No good TBM/Turbo mormon woman would ever admit to taking antidepressants. You saw the little temper tantrum the neighbor lady threw down when she tore Bill’s sign out of her yard. Barb had pulled the curtain back to show the little man operating all the bells and whistles and that was taboo. Mormon women don’t get to complain about being overwhelmed because that would mean admitting they are a weak mormon and, therefore, not spiritual.

I found this article about the very subject, if you’re interested. It’s written from the perspective of an active happy turbo mormon man (who, IIRC, by now has left the church), but it’s a very personal account of what women’s experiences within the church can be like. I related to it well, seeing my own stepmother struggle with many of the same issues. I left the church and did not marry or have kids, so I managed to (read: purposely chose to) avoid *all *of it.

At this point the only way I’ll watch next season is if it’s the last.

Amen to that! She showed some sideboob earlier this season, but I’m hopeful we’ll get a full eyeful pretty soon. She must have outgrown this show by now, right? And what better way to go out then with a topless climax?

Tetherball. Yeesh. The writers want us to laugh when they lay the drama on the thickest, right? Laughter is the emotion they’re going for?

I turned to my friend and just remarked during that scene "Really? You have one episode to wrap up 16 different plots and you’re wasting two minutes doing slow-mo close-up shots of alpha dog tether ball… really? REALLY?

I have no words for this episode. Horrible. Does anyone have an idea of if any change was made to the writers, director, etc? I just don’t understand how it could go downhill this quickly.

While I love Harry Dean Stanton, and understand why they felt it may be a good idea to write him off due to his age (he’s in his 80s, a cigarette smoker, and frail, so long-term plot lines might not be the best idea) I wish they’d let him ‘stay’ dead. His ghost (or the hallucination of his ghost anyway) taunting Alby is simultaneously cliched and over the top. Even Flashbacks would work better; just have HDS voice them and only show the back of his head or whatever.

I think the fin of the shark first showed when they introduced Cara Lynn. She makes no sense for several reasons:

1- Why would she never mention to Bill she had been married before and had a daughter? Why’s it even a secret?
2- Why would she be surprised to find herself in the Joy Book when she’d been married at 15 to a middle aged man and had his kid?
3- How could anybody on the compound- especially a nosy one like Lois- not know that Prophet’s daughter was once married and came back?

If they had a flashback to “this is worse than the time Bill tried to take Meg Griffin as his fourth wife and her dad Peter thought he was proposing to him” it wouldn’t be a less realistic or more out of place retcon.

Maybe someone should sic the Greens on them.

As far as the writing goes, it does look like they have had some turnover: the creators of the show have not been credited with any episodes this season except the premiere. I think two of the episodes were written by people who didn’t have any previous credits on the show, although they could have been on the staff before that. Seven of the nine episodes are credited to people who had no Big Love writing credits in season one or two.

The writing on this show was never very good in my opinion. The problem is just that they are simply biting off way more than they can chew. Too many plotlines, too much everything. It’s not that all the good writers left, it’s that they keep getting further and further away from the original focus of the show, which was exploring plural marriage and sort of suburban fundamentalism, and into these crazy stories with parrot smuggling and politics and immigration and talking dead people and everything else. When it comes to the major plotlines of this season, and even the minor ones, they have chosen badly.

I have to agree with you both about the writing. The plots just keep going further and further into la la land with no basis in reality.

I think I’d pay to see that.

Never mind why she wouldn’t mention it–how did he look at her naked and not see the near-inevitable physical after-effects of pregnancy? I mean, even if he didn’t notice or attribute any meaning to lack of a hymen, you’d think he’d recall it in light of stretch marks on the belly and boobs and slight slackening of the abdominal muscles and put 2 and 2 together.

Eh, I’d rather they’d both have taken their shirts off. And it was between Ben and Goran. And they were nude for some reason (maybe it’s all taking place in Margene’s head).

Dogzilla, how does one formally “resign” from the LDS Church? Do you just sent a notorized letter to some membership office and be done with it? Also what happens to members who don’t even bother showing up to their excommunication hearing (“Love Court” :confused:)? Are they excommunicated in absentia?

This show is a trainwreck, but I still can’t wait to see next weeks episode. I want to see what rock bottom looks like. Everytime I think they’ve hit it they manage to sink lower.

So do people think Bill is going to win or lose the election? If he gets outed as a polygamist and wins anyway, I think I give up. In fact I had trouble even believing a Democrat could possibly win a state senate seat in Utah, but I see there are several Democrats representing Salt Lake City.

I think it would be really important for the life of this show for Bill to lose. If he loses, there will finally be something in his post-compound life that he didn’t succeed at.

Whether he wins or loses he’ll still have to deal with all of the current drama. If he wins it will all just be unbelievable. If he loses, it’ll be believable and we can focus on wrapping all of this shit up. And also see what Bill gets up to next. I don’t really care about watching Bill in politics, I much prefer his hare-brained schemes with the potential to fail.

BTW my favorite line this week was Bill saying “This is unbelieveable. A giant scam to deceive us!” It made me LOL, sounded like he was suddenly in the middle of an episode of Scooby Doo.