Big Love Season Finale: March 7, 2010

Creating the thread. For spoiler space, I’ll just say WTF???

It got to be a running gag that people kept letting Marilyn into places she was not wanted. That was ridiculous and it should not have happened so many times. And the last few turns in her relationship with Bill did not make sense. She’s trying to ruin him, and then she’s helping him, and then- what? And it all amounted to nothing. I could see in the last episode that some of her words were hitting home for Barb, which made sense, but it could have been done in a much better way and with less repetition.

The ending of this one was pretty good, from Adaleen burning down the clinic to Bill finally admitting the truth to the public. But that didn’t disguise the melodrama and the unbelievability of this season. There was no saving this one. I hope next season will be less absurd but I’m not optimistic.

Go Adaleen! That was the highlight of the what was otherwise a horrid, disappointing season. Nothing made sense, too much thrown together without developing it. There was plenty to go on, it’s not like they had reached the end of their story opportunities.

I don’t think I have anything left to say about how crazy and unbelievable this season has been . . . Unbelievable or not, I admit I’m curious how Bill’s winning the election and then exposing the family will play out.

It almost seems like they’re setting things up for Barb and Margene to both leave the family . . . Barb with her “I don’t think I need you anymore” (or whatever it was she said to Bill), plus I keep getting the feeling something could happen with her and Tommy … and then Marge seemed just about ready to jump into bed with Ana and Goran . . .

What does Bill think is going to happen now? Does he think the people of Utah will just accept this? Someone actually yelled out, “I didn’t vote for this.” I expect them to either impeach him or start a recall election, depending on the laws in place.

Even though I had every reason to believe it was coming, I totally gasped when Bill made his announcement.

The final scene with them standing there, hands linked, seems like a great shot to end the series with. Is the show renewed for another season?

Wikipedia says yes

I was shouting like the audience at a Tyler Perry film at Barb “YOU FOOL GIRL!” when she stood up with him at the end. No sympathy for the character; one can only stab themselves with scissors so many times before you start thinking they’re not clumsy so much as they like stabbing themselves with scissors.

How could they not think of the fact that Margene is fucked by this? Her business is now going to implode since her bubbly personality and single mom thing is a large part of her success, and then there’s the matter of her marriage to Goran being exposed as a green card sham even as she starts circling around for a new menage on the side (damn- even her affairs aren’t monogamous).

I’m convinced that Marilyn Densham is the psychotic baby sister of Samantha Stephens as it’s the only way she could zap herself in and out of as many places in as many states as she does, and I say psychotic because she’s a lobbyist with no ethics and balls of steel yet she can’t handle the fact that somebody has the scoop on her. Uh… we’re dealing with Jack Abramoff’s ethics/Hillary Clinton’s political savvy and chutzpah/contacts with everybody who’s anybody and this weird Mormon businessman running for a podunk legislature seat and co-owner of a casino- a man with no powerful political or mob or even church protection- has her on the ropes? Puh-leeeez! That’s about as likely as Endora crying because Dur-wood called her a 'meddling hag"- she’s not going to shed a tear, she’s going to turn him into a catfish nugget and zap him into the nearest megabar.

I wonder if Larry King had any idea he wasn’t doing a real case. Or that he was being talked to by somebody.

I think next season should open with a cameo by Katie Couric or Joy Behar or a Fox News commentator or someone similar interviewing the family. (Ideally it would be Anderson Cooper but I think he still likes to pretend he has journalistic integrity since he devoted 6 fewer hours to Anna Nicole’s death and one episode less than par for the killing Orca; of course Nancy Grace or Geraldo would eat a handful of live praying mantises for screentime on HBO but I’d rather it be someone a little less sleazy than them.) If this were to happen in real life then they would be the most sought after interview and most famous family in America over night and so the sky would be the limit as far as what show’d they’d get booked on. (Oprah has a sense of the quirky- she might do it- give a big donation to one of her charities perhaps.)
They’d also have a reality show pitched at them immediately, and really- it wouldn’t be a bad move for them. While it’s unlikely he’s going to jail (no incest, no coerced marriages, no child molestation, no welfare fraud- and those are about the only thing polygamists go to jail for) it’s pretty much a given that his stores are going to tank (he’ll probably end up selling them quickly) and that he’s going to lose his seat (I don’t know much about Utah politics but in most states he’d be recalled almost immediately, no impeachment necessary), and the casino is sort of up-in-the-air, so they’d definitely need some source of BIG MONEY to go with the BIG LOVE.

Meanwhile Nicky is pregnant with her own inbred granddaughter. Will Bill allow her to have an abortion do you think? Or her mother, who’s pregnant with a child who’s not her’s but is her granddaughter’s half-sister/cousin/who knows what else (let’s see- the child of a brother-sister coupling in which father-uncle is a sociopath and mother-aunt is a blithering lunatic and incubated by a 55 year old woman- this can only end in a bundle of joy).

What the hell’s Alby doing? And the face cutting is new. “Self mutilation by Proxy on the next Maury Povich.”

And, as I’ve mentioned before, the Greens are just amazingly forgiving. “You maimed/possibly murdered the world’s one true and divine Revelator and Prophet who also happens to be our father/husband/leader/etc., but then who hasn’t done something bad at some point? And we were gonna feed your kids to ostriches so it’s not like we were blameless, so let’s call it a draw. In fact let’s trade Christmas cards and maybe take a trip to California wine country together sometime!”
I think not- they’d have already burned down Juniper Creek and left a herd of slaughtered jackrabbit parts spelling out “YOU R SO FECKIN DEDD!” on the Henricksen’s lawn. Probably next to a lifetime subscription to Jam of the Month Club from “Your’s Truly, Hollis Green. P.S. You will love the Boysenberry Marmalade- try it on an onion bagel and you will thank me. P.P.S. I favor disemboweling you and uploading it to YouTube with a wacky Yackety-Sax style soundtrack, but Brother Selma has just fallen in love with the notion of locking you in a storage unit with rabid Bassett Hounds, so until we can work it out can you please tell me who provides your cell phone service and if you are satisfied with the minutes plan for I am disenchanted with I-Phone. P.P.S. The Cherry Mint jam was a disappointment so you may want to have grape handy.”

I hope whatever writers cooked up this season seek help from Dr. Drew (I know the show’s lead writer- an Oscar winner- was involved in an bareback sex-tape scandal this year [true- you can google fu] so perhaps he had to take some personal time to cope) and next year the show gets back to being a bit more on the believable side.

And I also hope Billy ends up in a monogamous marriage with Nicky. That would teach him. Meanwhile Barb and Margene marry Goran, Ana, and that hot D.A. Nicky had a thing for and open a barbecue place.

I don’t think she’s pregnant. I think Dr. Rocket was just telling her that to get her to the clinic so they could drug her and take some of her eggs. Initially he told her she was a hopeless case because J.J. didn’t want her snooping around while her mother was being drugged, but then they decided they wanted to steal her eggs and or take her captive anyway. It was all pretty haphazard. Incidentally I think they stole this plot from Season 4 of the X-Files. This is what you get when you are stupid enough to go to a secret probably-illegal clinic run by the son of your scumbag husband.

I think they’ve given up on Alby and are overplaying their hand on a ‘he’s lost touch with reality due to his sexual confusion’ story. Not only was he cutting his wife, he was declaring himself prophet, trying to kill Bill with paper cuts, and redecorating his office.

I think I’ll just let Sampiro speak for both of us. :smiley:

I’ll give them credit for one or two things they did right: I thought Bill’s ‘here’s why I’m doing this’ speech was good, and so was Barb’s ‘I don’t think I need you anymore.’ Whether she follows through on that or not, we don’t know, but I’m doubtful they would write any of these women off the show no matter how much sense it would make.

Actually, I think Dr. Rocket told Nikki she was a hopeless case in an effort to protect her. He’s known her and considered her sort of his mom ever since he was a kid, and he made that first call from his cell phone, outside somewhere alone. If he was getting rid of Nikki at his father’s behest, he’d have just called from his office, probably with JJ sitting there staring at him the way they did the second call.

My understanding of what was going on was that they weren’t wanting Nikki’s eggs (why would they want the eggs of someone who is 35 and infertile, and not the genetic stock they want to further anyway?), but to implant her with an embryo. The original plan was probably that they would implant her at her regular appointment the next day, but then Rocket made the hopeless case call and canceled to prevent her being implanted with an embryo that is her daughter’s egg and her ex-husband’s sperm. Telling her she was possibly pregnant was just a ruse to get her in ASAP before Rocket had a chance to sneak around behind JJ’s back and cancel it again.

I feel like I should send you flowers. This made my day.

Fantastic end to a fantastic season. I don’t think it reached the highs in Season 3 (especially the road trip episode), but I thought it was great and I can’t wait to see where it goes in season 5.

Honestly, I didn’t think Bill was gonna come out at the end, but I’m so glad he did.

Oh my god, y’all. I haven’t seen any of this season, thought the last season sucked, thought I’d skim around in this thread to find out if it’s worth it or not. And frankly, I cannot decide - is its descent into total farce amusing or not? (Somebody kidnapped Nicki’s eggs? Marge entered into a sham green card marriage?)

Pregnancy and eggs were the whole fulcrum of thise episode. In addition to the eggnapping it’s discovered that Nicky’s ex-husband has been fathering an inbred hive by implanting eggs fertilized with his sperm and various donor eggs from his relatives (including, that we know of, his sister and his teenaged daughter) into borrowed wombs. Margene suggested that Nicky use one of her eggs which Nicky of course went ballistic about. Barb admitted to Bill that she leaked the paternity test for his unborn child with Wife 4 (Ana the Serbian) to the press, which was also the catalyst for her “I don’t need you anymore” spiel. (I expected her to walk out at the end but nope.) Oh, and Nicky might be entering into a second menage with her green card husband and Ana (who he’s in love with) because she fell in love with him while he was playing slow mo tetherball or something.

There are so many plotlines I wouldn’t know where to begin. It’s become so bloated, it’s to the point where it intrudes from the virtual world to the actual world: I find myself thinking “There aren’t enough hours in the day for someone like Bill to do all the things he is portrayed as doing.” It’s like the guy who has so many stories about what he’s done in his life, you have to wonder if he’s really a very young-looking 120-year old.

Help me count the plotlines:

-Bill is running for office
-Bill plans to ‘come out’ if elected (which he does)
-Barb wants to leave Bill
-Marilyn Densham (Sissy Spacek) is evil and hovering over Clan Henricksen
-Lois either maimed or killed Hollis Greene (after a long kidnapping/illegal bird ring arc)
-Joey is in hiding for killing Roman
-Adaleeen (who is at least in her mid-50s and probably older) is pregnant with somebody’s baby
-There’s a meth ring problem at the casino
-Don Embry’s son is pissed off at the Henricksens (quite understandably)
-Alby is going lunatic after a very bad year (dad died, mom tried to kill him, first real boyfriend hanged himself, marital problems, badly decorated office, and auditors breathing down his neck)
-Margene is in a green card marriage
-Margene is sexually attracted to her green card marriage husband his pregnant girlfriend
-Ana the pregnant girlfriend is seeking child support
-Barb freaked when finding out her husband was unfaithful to her with Ana before she became the fourth wife
-Margene and Ben have the hots for each other (but that’s been pretty much dropped like Hollis’s arm)
-Sarah finally said “Screw you guys, I’m going to Washington” (and more power to her- I’m guessing she’s leaving the show since Dear John is a hit)
-Adaleen has set fire to her husband and one of his wives (or at least has set fire to the trailer/clinic they’re in while they’re tied up- (SPEAKING OF: why the eff did Bill just leave Adaleen running around loose when he went to retrieve Nicky? I now Adaleen can be an evil bitch but she’s been through hell too)
-JJ has created an inbred generation at the Kansas compound with the help of his weird son

What am I leaving out?

“-There’s a meth ring problem at the casino”

Don’t forget: Bill makes enemies among his only allies, the Native guys (whatever their names are- I’m having a brain fart), because he up and fires them when it’s all they have going for them.

Which I didn’t quite understand. Why does the Indian council have to do jack squat that Bill tells them to? I thought they were equal partners, and it’s definitely the Indian land.