Big sharp nasty pointy teeth

Where’s my Christmas wish list?

Run away!

I’m going to buy the parrot just so I can return it.

But that’s just a rabbit!

Do ye not see the bones?

I just ordered a couple of the bloody rabbits. I just had to get them. They seemed to be sold out everywhere I checked at first but I think I lucked out in the end.

They’ll look cute on our coffee table.

Well, that just solved the Xmas gift for a few people on MY list! For me, I want a Gothic Cthulhu and a Nyarlohotep…you cannot resist the (plush) Elder Gods!

:giggling helplessly:

I have that rabbit!

She’s actually a very sweet creature, as long as people aren’t lobbing hand grenades at her. She likes to have her fur stroked, and she nuzzles people with her little pink nose…but she sometimes has flashbacks and gives a big rawwwwrrrrrr…But it’s okay, because we’re nice to her!


Got them! They’re cuter than in the picture! I’ll give one to Mrs. Bernse as a gift and keep one for myself. I’ve got #370 and 375 out of 500.

They’re just sooooo cool.

White haired rabbits with non-pink eyes are generally evil. My sister had one and it was a terror. Drove off a neighbors doberman, would attack you (Just have a banana, rabbits surprisingly love banana’s…which is how I know they are dumb animals.) , tore my sisters upper lip off, and was finally killed when it attacked a bulldozer in the neighbors back yard.

May I present Summer Fun Cthulhu

There is just something so terrifyingly wrong with that.

And yes, I simply must have the plush Nylarathotep.

Just what is the hell is that thing supposed to be?


bernse, are you referring to Summer Fun Cthulhu?

If so, well, it’s supposed to be Cthulhu all decked out for a fun day at the beach.

And damn, I mispelled Nyarlathotep. I hate it when that happens.

(reprovingly) That was unfair, CthulhuSpawn. I nearly passed out from hyperventilating.

A friend of mine has a Cthulhu doll that she’s named Cthulhubert. It wears glasses. I need to get her a Summer Fun one, too.