Biggest age gap (dating)

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When I was 20 I dated a 37 year-old. When we first met, however I thought she was around my age.

When i was a little girl, I thought all women over 30 were old.
Now that I am 44(almost) I see 30 year old women as young.
But I do look young for my age…

Yuh hasta gets em young, so’s yuh can still train em. Current husband of 12 years is 9 years younger.

I once dated a man, briefly, who had twin boys. I always said it’d make more sense for me to date one of them. (They were two years younger than me.) The man I’m with now is 11 years older than me.

As an aside, I’ve never dated anyone younger and the youngest guy I’ve been out with was about 2 years my senior.

I’m 33
I usually date younger (from 2-8 years younger)
Last quasi relationship-I was 32, he was 24.
Last serious relationship-he was 4 years younger.

When I was 22 I dated a guy whose youngest child was 23. I don’t know precisely how old he was–mid 50’s I think. He looked much younger.

I do not recall ever dating anyone my age. In high school, they were all older (from 2-6 years).

After Gramps, I started dating younger men and have never looked back.

Ok, I might get called bull-sh*@ on this, but a guy that I work with was 58 when he married a 22 year old. It gets even weirder, he met her at a rest stop. He then divorced her, and married a 26 year old. I don’t think he goes a day without thanking Viagra.

As for me, I was 28 when I (coughs) “dated” a 44 year old for 2 nights from about 2 am till 7 am.

I have some friends who are happily married, 25 years a part. She was 25, he was 50 when they got married.

For me, 16 years was the biggest gap. I was 24, she was 40. No problems with the age gap.

I was 26, he was 39. Freaked him out. He made much more of a big deal than I did, and it didn’t last.

I’ve seen him later online, lying about his age. Which is a shame because he looks great and is a nice (if neurotic) guy. I’d be much more creeped out to find out that somebody lied to me than that he was older than he looked.

Wow, all of a sudden I don’t feel like such a sicko. Biggest age difference for me thus far has been 15 years! :eek: We won’t get into my age… I’m fairly young.

For the record, my father is 23 years older than ma. They’ve been married since 1968. My aunt was 15 years old when she met her husband and they stayed married til the day he died. He was 33 at the time they met, btw. Jesus H, I come from a family of sick freaks!

Whoops. My biggest age diff has been 14 years, not 15… not that it’s that big a difference…

16 2/3 years. I was 24 and he was 40 when we met. I don’t think I would do it again, or at least, I’d have to be very convinced that I wasn’t going to be tossed aside once the person got through with his midlife crisis.

So from this I can gather that being interested in my friend’s 21-year-old little brother is okay, even though I’m 33? My friend (who is 32) and I have been friends about 10 years. I first met the brother when he was about 16, does that make it creepier? Although it’s only recently that he’s become attractive.

Well, I was 30 and she SAID she was 41, so I thought the difference was 11 years. After we broke up, however, she sent me a cryptic e-mail telling me that she was actually “a lot older” than she’d admitted. In retrospect, there were a lot of clues (keeping a guy well-laid can make him ignore a lot of trivia), and now I’m guessing she was 52 or 53.

So I guess it was 22 or 23 years.

shuts eyes, covers ears, and sings “Moon River” really loud to keep the phrase “Mom’s age” out of his mind…

Mr. D W Diamonds is 12 years older than yours truly. Been married 15 years now.

Wouldn’t have it any other way. We’re a great fit! :smiley:

Briefly dated a man who is 22 years older. We were from very different generations and he was very boring.

Had a 2-year relationship with someone 8 years younger. He was 27 and I was 35 when we met. It was the most pleasant relationship I’ve ever had. He wanted to get married but I couldn’t get past the age difference (plus he wanted to have kids and I already had two who were half-grown - no thanks).

Let’s see I tend to date older men. Currently I got within the decade range (ie, he is 6 years older). Previously I have done anywhere from 12-30 years older. The age difference didn’t become too apparent until after the 15-20 year mark but even that wasn’t that bad. The 25+ year mark was the worst. That was when it finally started feeling like it was dating one of my parents. :eep:

I once dated a couple whose age difference between eachother was around 20 years. That made the older of the two closer to 30 years older than me. They were both nice and very attractive but the older one I didn’t relate to as much on a personal level unless we were talking about classical music.

i was 27 and she was 52, she was so freaked out about the age difference (small town) that all we could do was go to her house and fool around (it was one hell of a sacrifice for me but…), the sex was awesome!!!, she knew what she liked and knew how to get it, she had kids my age, her son thought it was cool, her daughter absolutely hated it!.


For the most past, my 9-years-older girlfriend and I had no real age issues. We both sort of knew it was not long-term, because I did eventually want a family and she, as I said, had two teenage sons and tied tubes, with no desire to undo the tubes or re-do the kids thing.

But I do recall one rather emabrrassing moment… I tended to look a bit younger than my years (this was before my gray hair came along, mind you) and she was a smoker, which meant that although she was very attractive, she did look her age. Anyway, we were taking a nice stroll through her neighborhood one evening, hand in hand, and stopped for some reason to talk to a youngster who was playing outside… no more than ten or eleven. After a few moments of conversation, he asked me, “So is this your mom?”


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:eek: Is this what all the older men I date have been thinking about me?! :smiley: