Bill Belichick, it's your turn, coach. Assume the position.

Bill, you’ve had sainted status here in New England since the Patriots won the Super Bowl. It was a lot of fun, and we fans all want to experience that again real soon. It even looks like we have the team here to do it (thanks to Da Bear for Ted Washington and Rosevelt Colvin, btw). Replacing Otis Smith made the D-backfield once again the best in the game, virtually impenetrable, among other things.

But today you cut Lawyer Milloy. The best free safety in the game, a 6-time Pro Bowler, still in his priime, one of the team’s leaders, and you have bupkis to replace him with. Yes, we know he has a big contract - comes with being one of the best, ya know? Yes, we know you want to clear cap space - for whom? Anyone better? Yes, we know you’re pissed at his agent - well, get the fuck over it; your job is to win games.

You’d better the goat-felch hope that this gamble works. By that, I mean I can only assume you waited until just after final cut day, when everyone’s salary cap is filled, hoping that nobody could afford to pick up Milloy’s contract, so you could get him back cheaper. So what if he comes back pissed and that damages team chemistry?

That had damn well better be it. Kickoff in Buffalo is Sunday at 1. Bledsoe is going to be throwing at whoever the no-name is playing free safety, and your reputation for being able to get inside Drew’s head had better be well-founded. Or else Milloy had better the hell be out there. Rumor has it, so far, that Buffalo will pick him up themselves.

You’ve let your ego get ahead of your responsibilities, Bill. Even coaches with Super Bowl rings usually get fired eventually; do you think you’re immune?

The Vikings have room under the cap. They are looking for defensive talent. I bet at least a few other teams are considering grabbing a talent like that. I hope he’s wearing purple and gold on Sunday afternoon. If he is, thank you Bill Belichick. Thank you very much.

I liked Lawyer Milloy quite a bit too, but:

  1. He is no longer in his prime. He is on the downside. He was a big part in last year’s D which umm, sucked.

  2. He had a huge cap number and would not / could not renegociate it. I guess they hope someone would claim him.

  3. They need a running back dammit- Get Fu (waived by the Steelers) from waiver wire Bill, and all is forgiven.

  4. The timing stinks, but he and Harrison play the exact same game and position. The P-men’s defense still stunk last year with Milloy. Now they can play Harrison at strong safty and move a faster cover guy into free saftey. Milloy was a real liability in pass coverage last year. The move does make some sense- BUT THEY STILL NEED A RB!

Did I mention we need a good RB?


The weak link in the secondary last year looked to me like Otis Smith, who had lost one step too many to age. Milloy looked like he was getting beat a lot mainly because he had too much acreage to cover as a result.

I don’t see an RB any better than Antowain Smith out there, not even Fuamatu-Ma’afala. Eddie Andelman has to hope he doesn’t show up here, or he’ll have to quit the talk show rather than say that name. Antowain put up the same kind of numbers last year as during the Super Bowl year, ya know. He’s not one of the elite, but isn’t a weakness either.

I heard from a co-worker this morning that of all teams, the Buffalo Bills are interested in picking him up. IF they get him before Sunday, he’d get a chance to bite the Patriots in the ass immediately.

There is nothing you guys could possibly go through that would even hold a candle to my situation.

[sub]I’m a Jets fan[/sub]

Well you could be a Lions, Cardinals or Bengals fan. . .


Well, the Lions actually have a shot at winning a game this year, so that’s something.

I hate Bill Belichick with a passion heretofore unknown to humanity.


I’m an ex Browns fan.


He’s a moron.



Wow, World Eater. I’m really, really sorry. :wink:

Something to do with his releasing Bernie Kosar midweek, midseason, only to see Bernie start for Dallas just a few days later, I assume?

Well, yes. How did you know? :smiley:


Oh, to be a Lions, Cardinals of Bengals fan! I, too, am a Jets fan and I can assure you that it is the toughest job in fandom. At least with the three teams above, you know that your team is going to suck each and every season. The Jets create a mirage of non-suckiness which creates false hope every Fall. Heck, they might actually not suck, but it won’t matter.

I am 29 years old and I know that they may come close, but they will never win a Super Bowl in my lifetime.

Wow, another Browns fan whining about something that happened years and years ago, what a shock. Do you guys all go to whine classes or something?

Well if you live in NY, you know the routine.

Jets - Become a “temporary” Giants fan. I’ve done this the 5 or so years.

Knicks - At least we have the Nets bandwagon. Been a temp fan for 2 years now.

Mets - Looks like I’ll be a temp Yankee fan through 2034 at least.

Christ, it’s not like Kosar lead Dallas to the Super Bowl that year. He had no less then 3 chances to get to the Big Game with Cleveland and he blew them all.

Not that the Browns would have won if they had made it. They would have been blown out by the Redskins and the Giants.

John Elway, a too-soft D, and Earnest Byner all contributed to that. It isn’t as if Bernie could have done anything more.

Surpisingly, this doesn’t change the fact that the Bears still suck.

Doesn’t Milloy play strong safety?

Well, it looks like my co-worker was right. According to ESPN, Lawyer Milloy has signed with Buffalo today. So it looks like Milloy gets a chance to haunt his old team immediately. Way to go, Billy boy…:wally