Drew Bledsoe is now a Buffalo Bill.

New England got a 2003 first-round pick out of that. The Patriots are now Tom Brady’s team. Thoughts and/or comments?

Sad to see him go, but it obviously had to happen. At least this way we get to see him twice a year. He handled this season with a great deal of poise and he deserved a better time of it, but that’s the way the ball bounced this time. Good luck in Buffalo.

To bad the Bills look to be mediore at best this year. Bledsoe is a good QB but is not very mobile. I question the O-line of the Bills.

Hope Drew can learn to shuffle them feet.

I had hoped he would have ended up with a better team truth be told.

this is the fuckin second stupidest trade i ever saw. (first: jeff bagwell for larry anderson; thanks, lou)

you NEVER trade a good player to a division rival. we’ll see drew twice a year, at least, for the rest of his career. he’s gonna be real mad; and he’s gonna crush us. wait and see.


Osip, it was more Rob Johnson than the Bills’ OL. I saw an interesting stat once, Sacks Per Pass Play. Rob Johnson led the league for the past three years, I believe, and averages for his career one sack for every eight pass plays roughly. Horrendous, absolutely awful. Flutie and Van Pelt were nowhere NEAR that, so it’s safe to say it was more Johnson than the OL.

Second place, in case you’re curious, is Chris Chandler. No wonder he gets hurt so much.

Bills fan here, very excited obviously. The Bills are indeed mediocre this year – I think it’s clear that the (realistic) hope for a Bledsoe-led team is not an immediate turn around but an improvement over say, the next two seasons. The OL is certainly a problem, but my blind hatred and rage for Rob “Deer in the Headlights” Johnson makes it difficult for me to be overly critical. I think coaching is a larger problem than the playing on the field.

Actually, I’m surprised somebody else didn’t try to make this trade sooner.

I mean, if the Houston Texans and/or Detroit Lions felt they needed a quarterback, well, why shell out 70-80 million bucks for a rookie like Joey Harrington or David Carr? Those guys may or may not ever pan out! (Remember Ryan Leaf, Akili Smith, Cade McNown, Dan McGwire, Heath Shuler?) If you’re going to pay that much money anyway, why not get a guy who’s been to three Pro Bowls and a Super Bowl?

I had Bledsoe for two years in a row in my fantasy league. He did well enough to get me to the Super Bowl one year (I lost) and the semi’s the following year.

Good luck, Bills.

PS- Don’t expect Mr. Bledsoe to be much more fleet of foot than Rob Johnson, because he ain’t.