Bill Burr VS Joey Pants

I remember which Bill is which because one (Paxton) is a weaselly coward in both True Lies and, one of my favorite movies of all time, Aliens (although he does redeem himself at the end of that one). He is the one that passed away. Pullman is the President of the US when a different set of aliens come to Earf on the 4th of July.

Who wants to play a round of Dylan McDermott or Dermot Mulroney?

Here’s how.

Talk about your name being your destiny!

I only know “Joey Pants” as Ralph from The Sopranos and the Matrix movies, but he is mostly known for Ralph. I figure him more of an actor than a stand up comedian, but Joey could crib Burr’s act. Both personas are loud, opinionated guys from the Northeast.

How can Joey Pants be thought of as anyone but Guido the Killer Pimp?

I know they are currently bald (and white) but that’s the only similarity. Bill Burr is a red haired Irishman and Joe Pantoliano is a dark haired Italian and both have been around long enough to be on screen with hair.

Burr is about 10% actor and 90% comic.

Sure their names have tripped me up but not the looks. Dylan has always been very handsome. Dermot as a young actor could be described as unique at best. Ugly at worst. He is one of the few people on earth who seemed to get better looking as he aged. He aged into his face. Still not close in looks to Dylan.

I’ve always thought Donald Faison and Lawrence Gilliard Jr look a lot alike. When I was watching The Wire, I saw in the credits that there was a cast member named Frankie Faison. I assumed Frankie Faison was the actor playing the character of D’Angelo Barksdale and he was Donald Faison’s brother.

I could swear there was a third actor guy in the mix - maybe another Dylan? (First or last name…) But it’s not coming to me.

Dylan Walsh? Although he’s a successful working actor he doesn’t have the recognition the other two do despite being the star of a few things (Nip/Tuck).

I always see Joey as stubbier and less neck, Burr as lankier. And Joey is always rocking some hat.

Brag - I once shared a hot tub with Joey, he lived right down the street from friends on mine in Santa Monica.

Eric McCormack, maybe? He basically looks like an amalgam of both of them.

Maybe… I vaguely remember someone else on TV with a similar name back around the time McDermott was on “The Practice”.

As I mentioned above there was Dylan Walsh. The Practice and Nip/Tuck overlapped.

Right. I was replying to you Loach, not Alessan, even though it sorta looks that way. Sorry for the confusion.

He’s Mathesar from Galaxy Quest.

I/ve never understood the Paxton/Pullman confusion. Other than the fact that they have the same common first name and their last names begin with P, they have different physiques, facial structure, and acting styles. How anyone could confuse the two is beyond me.

“You settled on… Derbel McDillet? How would you feel if I told you you were dead wrong?”

“I would not be surprised.”

And here I was all proud that I could tell them apart. P.S., they really do look similar and not just because they are both white.

Huh. I just don’t see it. Pullman has that square jawed all American look, while Paxton looks more disreputable. Pullman looks like the high school quarterback, while Paxton looks like he could get you good weed.

Paxton/Pullman. I mean, com’on!