Bill Clinton is in North Korea

I disagree with a lot of his ideas and actions, but I am so glad to hear he is heading to N. Korea. I love when former-Presidents get involved with diplomacy.

I hope he can do some good and free those ladies from their prisons.

I dislike Clinton for the most part, but he has a genius intellect and is very charming, so I hope he can make a big difference.

Clinton in N. Korea

Good luck, Bill!

Wow what a slap in Hillary’s face.

I suspected it was her idea. The N Korean government obviously doesn’t respect her and her efforts (talking about how she looks like a schoolgirl, etc.), so maybe he can have some effect.

I suspect Kim Jong Il just wants advice on keeping a harem.

CNN is reporting that two conditions were required for the release of the two women they are holding.

  1. The US must make some sort of apology, which Hilary did when she said, “We are sorry the whole thing ever happened.”

  2. A high level diplomat must visit. Bill Clinton is that diplomat.

I think that it is certain that she is involved with Bill going over there and I also think he would not do it if he was not 100% sure he could come back with the women.*


A. Is that even an apology? I know I wouldn’t accept it.

B. Those girls were spies*.

  • prove me wrong.


Seems like a good plan. Sending Bill simultaneously allows us to send someone who obviously has a lot of pull with the current US gov’t, while at the same time not making the concession of actually sending a formal diplomatic mission. Who knows if it will work, but seems about the best course of action given the situation.

I wonder if Bill will repudiate whomever made those remarks against his wife…or offer to go have a beer with him.

Wait, NK is keeping ladies in prisons?

That’s an outrage!!!

… do you have pics?

Bill Clinton will, apparently, go anywhere to pick up some chicks.

Mission Accomplished.

"Hey Kim, How about a photo op? It’ll prove to the world that you’re not dead yet. Ok, and here’s Monica’s number.

I never did like Clinton, but that dude can get the job done. Next up, Afghanistan and Bin Laden. Hell, he’s already over there :slight_smile:

Go Bill. I would really like to see him take over this kind of role from Jimmy Carter, who, by the way, is going to be 85 in October. It seems like Bill would do a good job as a world ambassador.

Don’t care where you put your johnson, buddy. Keep it up!! (hee) I’ve always liked Bill.

Neither does he.

As president, how come Bill couldn’t write extra-Lewinsky activities into the book somewhere as an official perk? Filed under Stress-Release Bonuses, or something?

It is not unheard of for the text of a diplomatic statement to be somewhat different between the translations.

In Korean it might have said “My Bad”.

Kim Jong Il looks so tiny and frail compared to our corn-fed steak eater…maybe sanctions are woking!


They say they must have been told beforehand that Clinton could leave with the journalists; otherwise, it would have been too much of a loss of face for Bill if he had tried and failed.

I also believe Bill probably threatened Kim with sending Hillary next time.

Hey, do not suggest the US practices terrorism!!!