Why has the press forgotten that Bill Clinton met with Kim Jong Il in 2009?

The press keeps blathering on and on about a “historic” meeting with Kim and Trump. They act like the US found this guy under a rock.

Doesn’t any of these, pathetic excuses for “journalists” remember Bill Clinton and Kim Jong Il had extensive talks in 2009?

A wasted opportunity because Obama and Hillary (the Secretary of State) never bothered following up.

What are you talking about?

No SITTING US President has ever met with the leader of North Korea for a one on one meeting. That does make it unprecedented and historic. The Kim family has been trying for literally decades, as it would confer a certain amount of recognition and status.

Former presidents have, of course. Jimmy Carter was the first, back in the 90s.

I remember the great work Carter did for Bill in Haiti. Averting a US invasion and possibly saving thousands of lives.

Bill’s visit to N Korea could have been important if the administration had followed up.


You realize that Bill Clinton wasn’t president in 2009, right?

Yes. That’s why I said Obama and Hillary failed to follow up in 09.

Bill cracked open the door. It was up to them to continue the dialogue.

Meetings with former US Presidents can be very important.

Carter especially has represented the US and negotiated some very difficult situations around the world.

Seriously? That’s a regime that has a notorious record for breaking nearly every agreement they’ve ever made.

Yes, Obama was willing to meet with Kim eventually but only if North Korea built up some trust by, say, not reneging every time they said they’d do something. George W Bush was the same way. No President is going to throw away a good opportunity but only if the other side is acting in good faith. And there’s never - to this very moment - been any indication North Korea has ever or will to the foreseeable future act in good faith.

That’s why no serious foreign policy expert thinks much of this upcoming “summit”. North Korea hasn’t given up anything (their nuclear test site was already falling apart when they “destroyed” it) but has still gotten a historic first meeting with POTUS. They’re getting free stuff and not giving anything up in return. That’s pure win for them. They even get to make the US bend over backwards while doing so and eventually will make the US look foolish when they inevitably get up to their usual shenanigans.

You fail to understand the culture.

In eastern cultures, foreign leaders coming to your nation, to your court is/(was historically) seen as them bowing before you and recognizing your superior position. Hence the focus on meeting in neutral spaces.

Obama did not ‘follow up’ because he was the only president in the last 40 years smart enough to not play the game of paying off the North Koreans in aid and concessions in order to get meetings and “negotiations” that would never produce anything.

A trap which egomaniacal Trump immediately fell straight into.

I don’t expect much from the Trump Kim Summit.

I get annoyed that none of todays “journalists” has even mentioned the 09 meeting with former President Clinton and Kim II.

Journalists should at least set the current summit in historical context. Report on previous meetings with high ranking Americans. I don’t recall Carter going over there. But that sounds like something he probably did.

Remember the 5 W’s? Who,What,Where,When,Why and How

This article was from March 2018… Some prominent Americans who have met with North Korean leaders - ABC News

Literally entitled “Some prominent Americans who have met with North Korean leaders”

I hadn’t seen that article. It’s well researched.

Glad there’s still at least one good journalist still working today. :wink:

Sometimes I wonder about the future of the 4th estate.

They have mentioned this, just not in every single news article. Does it need to be repeated in every single news article to be sure that you are aware of this information?

I googled “Bill Clinton met with North Korea” it was the very top hit. It was not the only hit.

Perhaps the next time you get frustrated by something, a little research first to make sure you are right, is in order. Might save you some unnecessary angst.

That’s what I get for watching CNN.

ABC still has good reporting. Thank you for the link.

Actually it does, if they want to inform the public.

An article back in March can easily be missed by millions of viewers. Most viewers don’t seek out news with google searches. I often do, but I’m a news junkie. :wink:

Perhaps the networks will ramp up news coverage as the summit date draws closer.

A joint interview with Carter & Clinton discussing N Korea would be very interesting. A 20/20 special would get a wide audience.

I’m not trying to hash on you, but the I reiterate my pint about doing some background before making assertions. Here are two CNN articles that discuss Bill Clinton and other presidents and why they didn’t go To NK as sitting presidents. This is the kind of context you are looking for.

From yesterday: Why meeting a US President is the ultimate aim of the Kim family | CNN


I watch CNN regularly and never saw those segments. It’s hard to see everything on a 24 hour news channel.

Point taken. I should Google more.

It already produced exactly what Kim wanted.

I’m deeply ashamed that I had to click the link before I understood.


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The propblem with the press is that they’ve forgotten how to be strong. They have to be strong, and tough.

BTW; if you’re on Twitter, check out @DPRK_News. It’s labeled as “Official News feed of Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea”, but I believe it is a parody account. Hilarious as all get out.

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