Do you think N Korea's Kim Jong Un is serious about talks with the US?

This recent development isn’t good. Advance meetings are standard tools of diplomacy. They simply work out the many details of a formal meeting.

How serious can N Korea be if Kim didn’t send some junior grade diplomats to work out details for a formal meeting?

Do you think N Korea’s Kim Jong Un is serious about talks with the US?

What talks?

Nukes are the main topic. I’d assume many other issues would be discussed.
The hope is to restore N Korea back from being a rogue nation. Perhaps have limited diplomatic ties.

I’d guess even trade agreements might be possible if real progress is made.

There are no talks planned. It’s all been canceled.

Well, that’s what they say today.

The situation probably will change. The diplomats
love to talk.

I’m assuming that he’s using Trump like a rented mule. He knows Trump is desperate for an historic meeting to be the first US president to meet with him. Whatever your thoughts are on Trump, it would still be interpreted by many as a huge victory. Imagine how far his base would run with just a meeting with KJU.

I think this is why KJU seems to have changed his tune so quickly with respect to the West. He thinks this just may be his opportunity to get more funds to buy more power, eventually using the threat of being able to nuke any point on the earth.

Nope, same game for over 40 years.

1> Offer talks or hint at a breakthrough.
2> Negotiate behind the scenes for concessions, cash and food aid.
3> Walk away after getting the cash and food.

The only President to not fall into this trap was Obama.

Trump already offered to pull our nuclear arsenal out of Japan. Someone had to inform him that we don’t have a nuclear arsenal in Japan. Given all of the quid-pro-quo payments and dark money payments in this administration, I would be shocked if there were not millions of dollars already given to North Korea here.

Never believed it was going to happen. Pullout surprised no one. It’ll never happen.

I agree not showing up for an advance meeting is a red flag.

That wouldn’t obligate to anything N Korea at all.

This may have been another trick by Kim.

It all started with their participation at the Olympics and an indication relations could thaw.

Trump was the one who cancelled. I’m sure he thought KJU was going to, but it was us who cancelled.

With this White House, I’m not prepared to simply believe that the advance meeting was even a real thing…

I wonder if the no-talent ass-clown’s older, less-talented and ass-clownier (brother? father? uncle/cousin?) is rubbing his claws together in gleeful anticipation…

It was clear he was going to definitely pull out by the point he pretended the normal drills which he had allowed before were some great affront. It was clear from the beginning that he was not going to denuclearize, so Trump’s pushing that idea was always stupid.

Now Trump officially pulled out, because he can’t even stand to force Kim to make that move. He has to save face with his base and pretend he was still in charge, when Kim had swindled him completely.

Google likes to sprinkle Fox News stories in my feed despite my obvious avoidance of them. However, their headlines always catch my eye due to their obvious stupidity. The latest:

Trump had to cancel the North Korea summit – We almost lost sight of who we’re dealing with

Really. A man who has been utterly dishonest about all his dealings with the US has caught you (Fox) by surprise? Because, apparently, you still think Trump is a great negotiator? Dumbshits.

Talks with Donald Trump? Who could posssibly be serious about that? Sit and listen to Trump’s inflexible demands to kowtow to his America First doctrine? What’s in it that could possibly benefit North Korea, which is Kim’s onhly obligation as head of state. What has Trump announced as his concession, to bargain with Kim?

If you mean, does he seriously want to have talks, yes, he does. Although it’s not something that he wants so badly that he will necessarily compromise other wants to get it.

If you mean, does he seriously attach weight to what is said at the talks, no, of course not. His counterparty would be Donald Trump. Who would seriously attach any weight to anything Donald Trump said?

I love how the Republicans canceled the whole affair over the NK’s foreign ministry person calling Pence a “political dummy” for Pence’s highly questionable statements about NK and the “Libya Model” of negotiation apparently in store for them. Of course, Pence said this stupid shit after John Fucking Bolton said it, and this was all prior to the talks taking place. Talk about poisoning the well!

They say that’s not the main reason Trump canceled the talks, but I think it is. I think that poor excuse for an admin is so fucking thin-skinned that they can’t handle any sort of criticism.

The US officials in the wake of the cancellation called NK’s statement “Irresponsible, unfair”, etc or whatever…conveniently forgetting that Trump himself lampooned Kim not long ago by calling him “little rocket man”. Oh, we forgot that already? Well fucking North Korea didn’t you fucking dimwits.

If Kim the Youngest thought he could get more from meeting with Trump than he could from not meeting with Trump, he’d meet. It’s a matter of figuring out what he wants, and what, if anything, he’s willing to give up. As it happened, I read somewhere that South Korea was caught off guard by Trump’s cancellation, so Kim drives a wedge between two of the countries allied against him and he didn’t even have to do anything at all.

I honestly have more trouble figuring out if Trump is serious about talks. I don’t get a sense from him that he’s seriously committed to peace on the Korean peninsula. I don’t know if he started this whole thing because he wanted a distraction from the Mueller investigation, a Trump Tower in Peongyang, a Nobel Peace Prize of his very own, or if he just thinks that having summits is what big boy presidents get to do.

What would beneft his ego? There’s your answer.

Acehiving peace with North Korea would make him look awesome and he thinks he’d win the Nobel Prize for it (though the voters would absolutely not give it to him; they’d give it to Moon and Kim, maybe.) Therefore it appeals to him. The details of Korean history aren’t of concern to him; personal glory is.

I am sure he likes anything that distracts from Mueller, but he’d be doing this anyway because of the personal glory angle.

If “serious about talks” means Kim is willing to give up nuclear weapons and threatening neighbors in exchange for security guarantees and economic advantages, then no, he’s not remotely serious.

It’s a game being played for prestige and whatever he can wheedle out of the U.S. and S. Korea while going back on NK’s promises later on.

Same as it ever was.