Bill Maher couldn't stand Hillary crying

Bill Maher kept saying he missed “his boys.” His writers. Well, it got pretty painful last night. He didn’t just miss his boys, he desperately needed them. Maybe they would have found him something else to say than that Hillary had cried.

If she hadn’t cried I don’t know what he would have talked about. He brought it up incessantly and no one else cared about it.

Did we see the same show? The one with that asshole Tony Snow? If so I thought it was very entertaining.

Bill did go on about Hillary crying, when in point of fact I didn’t see any actual tears running down her face. That whole episode has been so overdone.

Any show that makes me scream at the TV is all right by me.

Was it just my imagination, or was he particularly condescending to Catherine Crier?

For me, it was jus’ a’ight. His non-writers stuff is better than some of the others non-writers stuff. It’s better than Jon Stewart’s. But that’s not saying a lot.

Just think how long he would’ve carped on it if Hillary had actually, you know, cried.

Just watching it now. Yes, it seems the only topic is Clinton. The jokes seem to be falling flat, many of them. Audience response doesn’t seem as great as last season. I don’t know if it’s because the monologue is just one long Hillary joke, or if the jokes just aren’t as funny as the writers can come up with.

Hillary crying is quickly turning into the Howard Dean “heYAAAH!” OF 2008. The press is making WAAAAY too big a deal of it.

I just feel like if this were Obama it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Or they would have focused on the passion they had. It is only any sort of story, because people are already leery of a woman beaing “weaker” to begin with, so the crying exacerbates it. This is total BS.

I also feel its total crap that just because somebody shows vulnerability or cries in a certain situation is a total sign of weakness. Plenty of men cry, and are not weak. Just as an example- not a great one, but… I’m going to guess that most football coaches don’t cry while in meetings, confronting their players, during the course of the game. Many are known to do so afterwards, Dick Vermeil, Marty Schottenheimer. Bill Cowher (as tough a guy as I’ve ever seen on the sidelines) is shown tearing up in an NFL commercial recalling his Super Bowl victory. None of these guys I’d consider weak and all are good leaders who would never show that weakness in the face of those confronting them. Only when it is appropriate and the emotional enormity of the situation has a second to settle in.

Maybe a better example… where I work (as a police dispatcher) is frequently stressful. It’s filled with very solid men and women. When the situation calls for it, every one of us will step up and into extraordinary stressful spots. These can be very emotionally draining at times… not a one of us will lose it on the radio. Many of us have need for a quiet spot. I don’t consider a single one of us weak. Nobody would break down on the air.

I just think its a lot of hubbub over nothing.

I don’t think Tony chose anyone in particular to aim his crap at. The thing about Tony is that when he was the official Mouth for the administration it was just about possible to think “Maybe he doesn’t actually believe that stuff.” (Although who would take that job, and if he said it but didn’t believe it he was a liar, etc.)

Come to find out he actually does believe the surge is working, that the US is spreading freedom and democracy, and in general that the sun shines out of this administration’s ass.

In addition to his across-the-board stupidity, he’s a loudmouth lout who won’t let anyone else speak, claims others are “changing the subject” when they make a point, and other 14-year-old debate tactics.

Maybe the chemo has affected his judgment. Too bad about the cancer and all - really, too bad - but he’s still a flaming asshole.

Won’t let anyone else speak? He was interrupted repeatedly by three other people in tandem, playing tag-team against him. Try it sometime. Find three people who disagree with you on basically everything, and then start debating them.

Then how come I heard so much more from him than from anyone else? Even Bill couldn’t shut him up.

He was trying to filibuster his way through the show and the others had no choice but to interrupt if they wanted to correct his bullshit. He wasn’t “deabting with people who disagreed with him,” he was an administration mouthpiece knowingly lying his ass off and getting called on it.

Normally, I get the complaints about one conservative being gang banged by a bunch of lefties on that show but Snow isn’t just some writer or pundit. He was a collaborator with the administration and has a lot to answer for.

I liked when Snow tried to dismiss the Diebold problem (after first unconvincingly trying to mock as a whacko conspiracy theory) by saying that “none of us here is a computer expert. None of us knows what we’re talking about,” prompting Mark Cuban to remind him that “I do.”

I found that quite pleasant too. Mainly I was horrified at Snow’s lack of manners, just basic old-fashioned manners.

You know, things we were supposed to learn in kindergarden about taking turns, not interrupting, etc.

I sometimes do feel sorry for the token con on the panel, but not this time.

Yeah, that was obviously a practiced line Snow has used before in private conversation to shut down debate on the topic. It was hilarious that he played his standard line without thinking about who was sitting across the table from him.

What a surprise that you would see it that way.

Then if he has so much to answer for, he needs to speak a lot. Therefore, the complaint that he wouldn’t shut up is without merit.

Yeah, nobody knows more than a software salesman.

That I would see it for exactly what it was? No that’s not a surprise.

Who said he had to shut up? I just wanted him to stop lying.

He knows more than “nothing.” It was stupid for Snow to say he didn’t know what he was talking about.

Yep, Tony Snow is as full of shit as ever. I can respect people who hold profoundly different opinions – and do respect several such people here on the SDMB – but not if they constantly use dishonest arguments (and Snow’s too smart not to know what he’s doing). I’m glad he seems to be beating the cancer – but I’d like to see him try and defend his positions here on the Dope.

I guess, with Bill Maher being a member of the WGA, he can’t even write “New Rules” for himself. The show can still work just fine if he can keep getting lively panels together. He did seem kind of “off” for much of the show, though.

That was Sprockets, the person to whom I responded when he said, “…he’s a loudmouth lout who won’t let anyone else speak”.