BillO- flight 1549 "miracle"

O’Reilly said something along the lines of “it’s a trillion to one chance that the pilot is an expert glider pilot, it’s a trillion to one that the plane didn’t rip open. Do the math. If you’re religious, it’s a miracle. If you’re secular, it’s a chance coincidence. I belong to the first group, and I’m glad someone up there is watching out for these folks.”

Right Bill- all of that training that the pilot went through was pointless, all of the improvements in safety over the years was a waste. Only because of God did all hands survive. And what of all the less fortuitous plane crashes. Guess God was on coffee break?

I know, consider the source, yada yada, but still, it grates. Once again, I say Fuck you O’Reilly, and fuck your fucking network. The Glenn Beck segment was even worse.

I said it in another thread, but I’ll say it again: a much better outcome for those passengers would have been the plane not having to come down abruptly in the first place, instead simply continuing its flight smoothly as planned. And yet, Bill is asking us to take this as evidence that “someone up there is watching out for these folks”?

God must have decided somebody on that plane needed a bath.

It’s worse than that. People weren’t the consideration at all. God wanted one of those geese dead, 'cos it had pissed Him off or something. But He didn’t want it to look like a put up job, so He “guided” the entire flock into the path of the airliner.

God: Ha-HAH! You all thought I was gonna do it furreal! Nah, I wouldn’t kill ya yet. I’m saving that for this weekend.


Quite the prankster, God.

I have long (not worth looking for) declaimed the use of “miracle” when “damned good [flying or whatever]” sufficed. After that I stopped giving a shit.


“Decried”, perhaps?

Even worse, it’s bad math. A trillion to one chance that the pilot was an expert on gliders? I’m guessing there are less than 100 billion commercial pilots and there must be at least 2 or three who are glider pilots as well.

The pilot, Chesley Sullenberger, is a former safety chairman of the Airline Pilots Association. Calling this a miracle belittles the work that Sullenberger himself has done to ensure that he and other pilots have the training to deal with these kinds of situations. Give the man his due.

I totally agree with this post. And I say that as a person who does believe that miracles can happen.

I consider it something of a miracle that O’Reilly still has a television show.

I’m with you and Baker, and I’m another religious type who believes in miracles. When I heard about this, I didn’t think of this as a miracle; I thought of it as a nice example of what happens when a professional, competent person keeps his head, doesn’t panic and does his job well. From what I’ve seen and heard, this was an example of a consummate pro at work and I tip my hat to Mr. Sullenberger.

[curmedgeon] Have we American really sunk so low that rational, sensible behaviour in the face of trouble is now considered an exceptional and miraculous?! Is panicing and acting stupidly now considered normal?! I want sensible people back. [/curmudgeon]

Where was God on 9/11 again, Bill? Oh yeah, I forgot, that was punishment for gays.

I totally disagree with this post. And I say that as a person who does believe that Sullenberger and others have worked their asses off to ensure that these situations can be handled if there is any chance at all. The man made every conceivable right choice under the circumstances, and deserves every praise and honour that can be heaped on him; the “miraculous” part is that there were any right choices to be made, and saying so doesn’t take one little whit of credit away from Sullenberger.

O’Reilley’s computation of the odds, though, is quite insupportable, or at any rate unsupported by any evidence he’s offered. :slight_smile:

Maybe God doesn’t like Canada Geese either.

You have to forgive Bill-O. It’s all the years of being oppressed by liberal Americans that have caused him to shout bizarre pronouncements at the drop of a hat. If only we’d had a conservative President or even a conservative news network, he might not be reduced to making these bizarre pronouncements.

If there really is a god, why doesn’t he strike O’Reilly with a nice, crisp lightning bolt? That would prove it for me.

Personally I think it was a combination of a great deal of skill and some luck. Despite doing everything right, the plane could have broken up on impact or hit a boat or caught the water wrong and flipped.

“Miracle” isn’t my choice of words. I’m not particularly upset by people who wish to call it that. It was a pretty miraculous or outstanding landing. Bill doesn’t seem to have a problem with people who think it was a coincidence that things worked out the way they did.

What bothers me is people that are all offended are upset that some other people think its a “miracle.”

I never really understood aggressive atheism. An atheist seems to me a living contradiction, like going to an apathy festival.

You don’t think it’s a miracle? Big fucking deal. Get over yourselves. It doesn’t make you better than people who see the hand of a higher power.

While I may disagree with Bill O’reilly, he is willing to give voice and respect to a dissenting opinion in this instance. That makes him a sight better than you guys.

Is it just me, or is this part invisible to everyone else?

No, it’s like going to an engineering convention, then being confronted by a loudmouthed idiot who thinks that Star Trek was a documentary. People are not atheists out of some sense of neutrality, it’s because it’s bloody stupid to believe in something as extraordinary as God without the support of a similarly extraordinary standard of evidence. An ancient book of fairy tales just doesn’t cut it.