BioShock 2's Multiplayer

I have a hard time figuring out if it’ll be worthwhile. I’ve seen some videos and heard some descriptions and, from what it looks like, it appears to be strongly Goldeneye-influenced.

I dunno. I didn’t play BioShock, but I did play the demo. If only there were a multiplayer demo for this game.

I loved Bioshock 1. The idea of a multiplayer Bioshock sounds intriguing. I never played a goldeneye game, what’s the influence?

Different character models that doesn’t inherently have different stats, strengths, or weaknesses, but the sizes and shapes of the characters presented a bigger or smaller target. Also, it doesn’t seem to be so deathmatch-related and more objective.

It’s also the impression I got from watching the videos. It could be, and probably is, way off base.

It’s intriguing, but I’m dubious.

As long as there’s not #%¤damn Oddjob, that’s grand.

And no Klobbs!

Man, that pistol packed a punch. The (if memory serves me right) RCH machine gun was pretty beefy, too. Who could forget the proximity mines that would invariably be lining the spawn points?

No Klobbs? Really? My experience was that the Klobb was the weakest gun in the game. I remember that once you started getting beat up and others were controlling the board, the only thing you could find at that point was a Klobb, and it was a running joke that you were going to try to take someone down with it.