Birthday gift for 7 yr old girly girl who likes sharks

My 7-year-old niece is what one might call a “girly girl.” She likes makeup and shoes, and was very disappointed when I didn’t identify pink as my favorite color.

But she looooves sharks. So I want to get her a bad-ass shark-related birthday gift. Any suggestions?

What about one of those remote control helium shark balloons?

4D Vision Great White Shark Anatomy Model

Land Shark Lager. Not a great beer, but drinkable. Buy a case, then drink it and put the remote control ballon in the empty box. Just an idea…

Pretty pricey, but my mind leaped to a fossil Megalodon shark tooth.

It’s from the largest shark who ever lived, it’s big enough to be a conversation piece, and no (currently) endangered sharks were sacrificed to produce it.

Accept no substitutes!

Uncover a Shark

Stuffed animal shark. Maybe she already has one, but a 7-year-old can’t have too many stuffed sharks.

Holy cow! Now I want one of those!

In full agreement with this. :smiley: Sew a pink bow on its head for extra girly-shark points.

Shark puppet

Are you close enough to an aquarium to take her to see some real sharks?

How about a book about sharks?

Shark in a pink tutu. Duh!

There is an aquarium trip in the works.

If only there was a shark themed store.

Air Swimmers And seconded – I gave my nephew a shark Air Swimmer last year and he flipped. Great fun!

Hello Sharkey?

squishable shark My 7 year old boy has the Narwhal and it is his favorite thing in the whole world. He wants Santa to bring him the Shark this Christmas.

I am not available for relocation.

There are a lot of books for kids about sharks. I was trying to find the book that made me a shark freak when I was a little girl. It was a Scholastic book entitled…wait for it… Sharks. There are a lot of very good books though as I was looking, maybe a good book with shark info?

So happy to see more and more people realizing sharks are awesome!

Sleeping bag.

What I would do in this instance is get a cool shark toy (probably a stuffed animals, they rock)!

And then get a funky pair of girly shoes to go with it.

(I am mother to a 9-year-old who is also a girly-girl when it comes to dressing but is fascinated with how the body works in all its bloody detail.)

Shark-themed jewelry?