Birthday Ideas...anyone? Anyone??

Hey! My 19th b-day is coming up in June…and it’s been SO long since I’ve celebrated a birthday that I have no idea what to do. Can anyone give me some ideas on what I can do to make this year’s special day a fun one for once?? I’m totally stuck! Helllp please!!!:confused: :confused:

Well, you spend your b’day lurking on these boards a little longer and learning which forums are for which posts. Welcome to the boards,(;

Telling us if you’re male or female could help with suggestions.


and sorry if I posted in the wrong place :frowning:

E-mail a moderator and ask them to move it for you. Probably IMHO would be best.

Well, after seeing your pics on your homepage, I think you should spend your b’day with me! :wink:

lol gee thanks x-ray does that mean I’m forgive?


x-ray, after you said that, I checked out Mustangs’s home page.

It had exceeded its bandwidth limit, looks like I wasn’t the only curios doper.

And Mustang,if I may call you that, do something you enjoy, with people you like.

haha hey there’s plenty more gartog :slight_smile: and thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, she’s a cutie, alright, Gartog. Too bad I’m 38. :smiley: sigh. Oh well.

And on a side note, Mustang you could save a LOT of bandwidth by reducing the color-depth and resolution of those photos. There’s no need to have a photo with 16 million colors for web browsers that only support 128 or 256. :slight_smile:

thanks q.e.d. and…if I ever happen to remember my password there I might switch em out :slight_smile:

I believe Geocities has a forgotten password retrieval system. I don’t use them, because they’re a terrible free webhost. If you’re interested, there’s better ones I can tell you about.

that would be nice, thanks QED cause…I kinda deleted the email account I had when I got that page sooo…they could mail my password to me either…

Oops. Heh. Well, try They’re a lot faster, and allow Perl CGI, PHP, and MySQL, so yu can run a chat client, message board or whatever on there.

Awesome! Thanks :smiley:

Since you’re looking for suggestions rather than facts, I’ll move this thread to IMHO.

moderator GQ

I wouldn’t know, I still haven’t been able to look at the photos :slight_smile: I suppose I’ll have to take your word for it.

Mustang The traditional way to celebrate one’s nineteenth over here would probably involve copious amounts of alcohol. But I’m guessing in the US, and therefore still too young to drink.

So Birthday ideas for a female, who’s not aloud to drink.

Shopping? I’m not say shopping for what, because then I really could be accused of conforming to gender stereotypes, or something. What I’m envisioning is a day out with friends, getting some lunch at somewhere nice and looking at lots of things you can’t afford

Of course, I may have just described your typical day in which case some more radical suggestions.

Paint ball
Quad biking
Day at a spa
Swimming with dolphins,
House/Dinner party
bouncy castle, fun for all ages! :smiley:
Trip to a theme park, eat lots of ice cream, go on big scary ride and then throw up!

The main thing is to spend the time surrounded by friends.

You know, I should proof read before I post, and not after.