Calling all Lady Dopers ... lend me your birthday present ideas!

I know these threads pop up all the time, but … now I’m starting my own. Got a birthday coming up for a very important girl in my life whom I’ve known for several years. You could probably say she’s the one. That’s an entirely different subject, of course, and one I won’t get into! Suffice it to say, we’ve spent lots of time together lately after a considerable dry spell and even though things have always been shaky between us, she means the world to me. Since I don’t intend for this to be a therapy thread or an attempt to poll for relationship advice, I’ll make this OP short and to the point!

I’m looking for any creative birthday ideas that ladies on here have either received in the past, or would like to receive in the future. They certainly don’t have to be material presents … they can be trip ideas, date ideas, etc. I wouldn’t say specific interests are critical, though I will say she loves travel, dancing, and European cuisine. Any Chicago Dopers who know of something good to do around town in the next two weeks (or even a nice place to go for dinner along those lines) will have my eternal gratitude. :wink:

spa day - nails, massage, sauna, hair - all topped off by dinner and dancing with you!

You can’t go wrong with a spa package.

Last yr for my B-day, my guy got me a guitar…sounds simple…but it BLEW me AWAY!

He got me a Sheryl Crow song book along with it.

Just in passing over the years, I have mentioned that I wish I was like Sheryl Crow…How I would love to play the guitar etc.

I never would have gone out and purchased one…and knowing that he listened to something so simple…He told me in the past that he loves my voice… and when he gave me such a thoughtful gift that shows me how he really has faith in me and listens to my babble!

I have been taking lessons and loving it since.

Oh, and for Christmas he got me huge Diamond earrings, I love them very much, but I doubt anyone will ever top that guitar gift.

It meant the world to me to know the amount of thought he put into that gift!

For me it really is not the cost, but if it is something especially that was picked out with ME in mind :slight_smile:

Ooh, Ooh, Russian Tea Time on Adams off of Michigan (I think)!

If there is something she has expressed wanting, then get that. Make sure it’s what she asked for, not something “better”. Like, if she wants amethyst earrings, don’t get her diamonds, get amethysts. Picking up on something she mentions casually but longingly would probably be nice.

It would spoil a “surprise”, but maybe you could tell her in advance that the day is entirely hers, and besides lunch or dinner (did you hear me say Russian Tea Time?), you will do whatever her heart desires.

Good luck!

Right you are, Heart … Adams & Michigan. I’m more than a little amused by the fact that you made this suggestion – guess what, she’s Russian. Suffice it to say, we know the place well. :smiley: Still, it is something to consider.

That being said, since you’re obviously from around here and have at least some predilection towards the Russian thing, I’m curious if you know of any other Russian venues to check out in the area. Ever been to Zhivago in Skokie or Kabak in Wheeling?

Get her a SDMB membership.

I would suggest a couples massage. MrSin and I had one at the Four Seasons new years eve. It’s very elegant. There are a couple of other places that do the same thing in Chicago but I don’t have the details on hand because I don’t live there. You can find them on the net.

Sorry about the delayed response. I haven’t been to Zhivago, but my understanding is that it’s more similar to other Russian banquet-type supper clubs with hardly any authentic Russian food. I did go to Kabak and didn’t have a real great experience. It, too, is more of a supper club (although it’s owned by the RTT folks). We went on a Saturday, early. We didn’t make reservations, but we were there very early.

We were greeted very poorly, but they said they could accomodate us in the Vodka Room so we waited at the bar. And waited. Finally we asked what the heck was going on and they set up our table in the Vodka Room (eventually). Now, it was kinda nice because we had the whole room to ourselves, they shut the door and we had our own music. It was odd though. The ads encourage the general public (not supper club members) to come, but we felt totally alienated. They were prepping the main dining room for a banquet or supper club members or something.

I believe the son of the RTT owners runs this location. Anyway, once he got the word we were being treated like crap he stepped in and personally waited on us. Unfortunately, the food left a lot to be desired, and the only thing reminiscent of the RTT was some varanishkies, that were not as good as RTT.

The manager was very gracious, we got some free stuff and free desert. And as we were wrapping up he said, “Please don’t tell my mom.” :eek:

Anyway, thought you would enjoy that story.

Bottom line, not nearly the experience of RTT, but maybe they’ve improved since we went there. I personally would maybe give them one more try on a week night with reservations.

if you are thinking of jewelry, amber is very favoured by russians. little amber figurines are nice as well.

there are other rather unusual items… ie perhaps something relating to her birth year… rat, dragon, tiger, etc. becareful if it is the year of the snake though, snake phobias are rather common; or sign, birthstone, etc.

you might even try cooking russian on your own. many russian churches sell vareniki (perogies) round lenten periods. you just heat them up add some butter and onions if you like onions, and off you go! (check for dietary things if she is orthodox, jewish or christian.) holopsi (stuffed cabbages) are rather easy to find, and make on your own as well. a bit of candle light and a cd or 2 of balalaika music and bob’s your uncle!

I can’t stress the sentiment in Mint Julep’s post. Pay attention to your woman and you will be able to answer your own question. My husband listens attentively and has even been known to keep a note or two in his wallet just for the occasion that he needs an “idea”.

I’m booking a spa day right now; however, I’ve known several woman that have let their certificates expire. It can be expensive so be sure that she wants one.

Do you cook? Perhaps a romantic candlelight dinner at home? Or you can have dinner catered and served in your own dining room.

Has she expressed an interest in any activities that require lessons? Dance? Horseback riding?