Bitch about your favorite sports team here

I know, I know.

I had to say something. What else would I bitch about? :wink:

Boston Celtics…
Hey, guys…there’s something out there that other teams have that you don’t. It’s called a CENTER.
Get one, you stupid fuckheads…

Why doesn’t Vin Baker just play center? :smiley:

Wasn’t it the Cavaliers (or Cadavers, as you call them!) who deliberately tanked a bunch of games towards the end of a season so they could get the top draft pick? It was either them or the Los Angeles Clippers, and this was I think sometime in the 1980s. The owner of the team actually admitted that they were just going to tank the rest of their games and get the top pick. If I am not mistaken, the lottery system was introduced as an attempt to stop this sort of thing.

Then you should be awfully excited right about now. I know I am.

‘Dead time’?? I’m more involved in sports this week than I have been since the NFL playoffs started. Multiple stories every day! I’m in baseball heaven.

Pittsburgh Penguins fan here

Alexei Kovalev, perennial top 5 goal scorer, gets traded to the Rangers for what basically amounts to a puck bag. I can understand that the Penguins (along with 80% of the other teams in the NHL) are basically bankrupt, and after Ron Francis, Jaromir Jagr, and Robert Lang got away, I should be sufficienctly cynical enough to withstand this. But…Craig Patrick, goddamn “genius” GM of the Penguins who floats on a reputation of one brilliant trade 10 years ago (the Hartford trade), actually has the nerve to say that “the Penguins are now a better team having made this deal”. Better what? Better fucking little whipping boys? I still have some hope that we will still make the playoffs…6 points out with about 20 games to go. Difficult, but the stuff Disney movies are made of!

At least if we stay out, we have an excuse ($30 million payroll, 24th in the NHL). What’s the Rangers’ excuse ($72 million, highest in the NHL) when they don’t make it either?

I made one of those I’ll never do a “me too” post again promises to myself, but wtf. You hit every nail on the head. Thanks.

Eddie, Eddie, Eddie.

My favorite sports team of all time was the Orlando Rage.

Not only is that omni-pathetic, but I doubt anyone could insult my dignity any more.

Damned Senators. First in war, first in peace, last in the American League.

They may as well have been nonexistent these past thirty years.

Fucking Knicks, where to begin?

Dolan and Layden should be drawn and quartered, their remains diced up and fed to dogs. I have never seen a team mismanaged so badly. First off, RE-FUCKING-BUILD!!! Yeah yeah at your ticket prices you have to field a competitive team, well guess what? You guy suck! Lets look at it this way. You are still paying LJ and Luc Longly (cringe), you bid against yourselves for Allen Houston (100 fucking million?!?!?! **Are you insane?!?! ONE FUCKING HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS FOR ALLEN HOUSTON? ** Thanks now he’s a Knick for life.

<deep breath>
<Serenity now, serenity now>

What the fuck is up with drafting that French guy?

Again what the fuck were you thinking trading Nene Hilario?
What the fuck was with trading for Eisly? A 7 mill a year backup PG.
Shandon Anderson? Are you for fucking real?
BTW heres a fucking hint, McDyess has gone the way of Grant Hill, get rid of him as soon as you can.

Just lay down and die. This bullshit still making the playoffs talk has got to stop. On the other hand, even if you got a good draft pick, you will predictably piss it away like you do every year.

I’m surprised they haven’t yet traded their best and most liked player (Spreewell) for a third sting 40 year old PF who make 50 million per.

You are capped out until at least 2005, deal with it. Btw if you need to look at how to properly rebuild, look to the Pacers you fucking retards. I would make a better GM, give me the fucking job!

Ged ready for some Bucks fans to start lighting up this thread.

Hehe, I was just about to post that. Sonic fans too. Trading Desmond Mason? Ouch.

If a team carried by two players puts you in a position to make a playoff push, DO NOT TRADE THOSE TWO PLAYERS. Its idiocy.

They might extend the deadline for Sprewell and Allen to swap.

Cassell might be going to the Knicks. <Sigh>

Gary Payton of the Sonics was traded for Ray Allen of the Bucs.

Film at 11.

Are you talking about the Knicks?

If you are, you are insane. Who the hell cares if the Knicks don’t make the playoffs? They’d be twenty times better off NOT making the playoffs and actually getting a young, lottery pick than losing in the first round to Indiana, Detroit or New Jersey.

That said, the Knicks should just wait around for their current contracts to expire in two seasons and then make a push.

As a Lakers fan, I’m disappointed that my idea of a trade with Golden State sending them Tracy Murray and Medvedenko for Fortson didn’t happen. It was such a good idea. GS is trying to unload Fortson’s contract. The Lakers need a rebounding PF. Murray and Medvedenko are in the last years of their contracts. It’s win-win. I should be a GM.

I just couldn’t believe the play–or lack of it, I should say–of the Houston Oilers these past few years. They’ve been completely invisible! It’s almost as if they don’t even have a team! Despite that, just try to get tickets to one of their games. IMPOSSIBLE! I can’t even imagine why they’re so hard to get, since the team doesn’t play a lick and, basically, doesn’t even show up! Unbelieveable. I suppose I should be impressed by such fan loyalty and the media, too, who seem never to have a bad word (or good work, for that matter,) about the Houstion Oilers anymore. Strange. Oh, well, at least they’re not having the salary cap problems some teams are dealing with. And hasn’t this been a long off-season?

  1. Fucking Red Sox

  2. Goddamned Hoyas

That is all.

And then with their draft pick they get Frederick Weiss.

Overhauling the roster might help, but the bigger problem is Dolan and Layden, the boneheads pulling all the strings. Btw the only salery coming off the books at the end of the season is Luc Longley. (LJ will still be on them)

Eh, bad picks happen. Hopefully they learned their lesson from the Hilario-McDyess fiasco and will keep their young lottery players and not trade them for veterans with questionable health histories.

As for the payroll, this year they get rid of Longley, Doleac, Nailon, Postell and Pope. Not much, I admit. Except for Longley, the others amount only to about $4m. But next season you guys get rid of McDyess (12.6m), Knight (4m), Ward (5.75m) and I guess LJ. So that’s about 25-30m by the end of the next season. Not too shabby. Of course, that’s just this season’s salaries - I don’t know exactly how their contracts are structured so it could be a bit more or a bit less.

Assuming they are in the back of the lottery draft this, they could pick themselves up a good big man or point guard like Ridnour, Hinrich, Collison or Sweetney and start building a nice base. The Knicks’ situation isn’t that dire if Layden and Cablevision just have a little patience for the next few seasons and refrain from trading away their young’uns or signing any free agents in a futile attempt to miraculously contend.