Bizarre Signage - A Directionless MMP

The building I work in is having refurbishments done and we have to use the facilities in the building next door. In the ladies toilets is a sign that says “please flush toilet paper down the toilet and flush”. It amuses me because on one hand it seems very obvious that you would use the toilet paper and flush it down the loo…and on the other hand it’s quite bizarre because there’s no other paper provided besides toilet paper, and no rubbish bin. So what else are people using, and what are they doing with it?

Hijack away!

**BooFae **- some aspects of some people’s lives are best left as mysteries. :eek: High on my list are others’ sex lives and others’ toilet habits - I believe those categories are why TMI became a watchword (watch acronym? watch initials??) As far as I’m concerned, as long as everyone washes their hands with soap before leaving the facilities, I don’t need to know what they do within.

On a non-TMI topic - I should have renewed the SPF 50 on the back of my neck yesterday. I have a bit of a burn in the neck and shoulder area. It’s not too terrible, but decidedly a rich pink color. After I shower, I’ll try some aloe.

It’s supposed to be hot and icky again today. The only plan I had was to strip the bed and launder the sheets. We have 5 sets of sheets, so I don’t *have *to launder them today - on the other hand, they’ll probably dry outside in about 10 minutes. I’ve also got to run to the credit union. My sister gave me some $$ towards my daughter’s trip home in November to meet her cousin. I need to get it into savings. And the kitchen is a mess, so I’ll be doing some tidying.

And back to the topic of toilets, the flapper on the toilet in our bathroom hasn’t been seating properly every time - looks like it needs to be replaced. We just dealt with the same thing on the basement toilet! Makes me wonder how long till the flapper in the hall bath gives way??? :eek:

So, yeah, Happy Moanday!! :smiley:

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 76 Amurrkin out with a predicted high of 95 for the day and so far no heat advisory. I am surprised the NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE has not issued one. I say they are bein’ slack. :smiley:

BooFae I am disturbed by the fact that there needs to be a sign remindin’ people to flush. Disturbed, mind you, but not surprised.

MOOOOOM you should just go ahead and replace the innards in the other toilet. You KNOW it’s gonna happen. That’s the way stuff like that works.

Ok, that’s all I got. I need more caffeine and rumbly tummy wants sustenance. Then, alas and alack, irk purtification must commence. I get to travel down to the extreme southeast forty first thing. On the plus side, that means I can leave from da cave but still I hate that drive. Also, tonight I shall be feedin’ rugrats at VBS. Gonna be a busy day!

Happy Moanday Y’all!


I’m gonna enjoy my last week at the old job. Fork 'em.

So, FCM, you’re a full-fledged redneck now? :cool::stuck_out_tongue:

Bobbio (did I get that right?), any suggestions on what you plan to do in your last week? I’ll be retiring in about a year, and I have already vowed that in my last week I will start answering E-mails in Klingon…but could use any other thoughts on the matter.

Otherwise…another Moanday Blurf. Waited until 6:30PM yesterday to mow the lawn, so it was only 84F and I got 6 38-gallon trash bags worth of clippings, so my erercise for this week is done.

As for bathrooms, I put in a new ball and flusher to my second toilet, but the ‘handle’ is too long and I have to hold the flush down for 2-3 seconds for it to take…I could buy the right size and change it out, but am too lazy to do so.

No signage that comes quickly to mind, scareyfaiery, but I’ll keep my eyes open-given that I work for the US Gubmint, they should be easy to find…

Good week to all y’all.


swampy, no, she didn’t like vocal accompaniment to Mozart’s or Brahms’ piano concertos. Besides, Winston (the hound) was rarely in the same key as the one Grandma was playing.

Happy Moonday!

It’s hot.
The front and back postage stamps need to be mowed and Sah-son keeps putting it off. He should have done it last week, now he is going to suffer the heat.

I started with a headache and nausea last night, was up half the night.
I was doing so much better and now I feel I took a giant step backwards.
Maybe I’ve been trying to do too much.

My mother and niece will be here Wednesday.
I have all that paper irk together and ready to go.

There are several places around the beltway where the sign will say ALTERNATE RIGHT OF WAY when two lanes merge into one.
I guess at this one spot it wasn’t clear enough because a sign was added underneath that says TAKE TURNS. Sounds so first grade

Another one, I don’t know if it’s still there, was a sign I’d see on the way to Ocean City. Big neon sign advertising an eatery called the MEAT BONE with the bone under the meat. At a certain point in the drive something was blocking the M and the B so there was a big neon EAT ONE lighting up the sky.

SSDD as always.

Up, caffeinated, off today. Lots of cleaning and dog walks today.:slight_smile:

Boofae, after 25 years of cleaning public restrooms, you would be shocked at women bring in and try to flush. :eek: As far as signage ,at one point in Raleigh, there was a “Begin Road Work” sign on one street, with the “End Work Zone” sign 50ft farther down the road.:dubious:

You could end all your answers to questions with “in accordance with the prophecy”. If you have an office, you could build a shrine to The Dude.

My favorite sign was one I saw in East Spencer, NC: FIRE STATION LEFT

So far I don’t feel sinusy but the day is still young.

One of my friends from high school is one of the high leadership (important; not stoned – although he could be stoned as well) of the Klingon Empire in Florida. Just in case you need help with some of the more complicated words.

Hot and humid again. My doctor just called to cancel because she injured herself some way this weekend and we got that rescheduled for next week. Just routine follow-through on all the tests so its no biggie. Thinking of getting the bike out and blowing some stink off me.

And I don’t know if its all the fine offerings SciFy Channel has been running or the beers I had while watching two last night but -------- I really really wish Ed Wood was alive today. Could you imagine just what kinds of truly epically bad movies he could have produced with all this modern technology?

Some things are better left alone.

Last week new carpeting was installed throughout Casa de Peedin. This weekend I ordered new furniture for the living room. Later this week the painter will be doing the final room. I will have a totally refurbished condo (except for the bathrooms and they are just. fine.) when the furniture shows up which will be sometime in Tocktober.

Lunch is leftover broasted chicken. Haven’t had broasted chicken (not from Kenny Rogers) in decades. I forgot how good it is, especially with honey dribbled on it.

Morning. Eww, a toilet MMP.
It was so brutally hot in my house this morning that I fled to come to work. Yadda, yadda, it’s not the heat of the south, but we get soooo much humidity here. Ugh.

I have already started three posts this morning about the new consent laws and deleted them. Do I want to get mixed up in that kerfluffle?

I knew someone would focus on that, but honestly, I assumed it would be swampy! :wink:

Back from erranding. I got everything on my list plus a few extras. Like a pack of 13 baby bibs, suitable for stenciling and selling (I hope) and 2 sleeveless tops that were on clearance. I :heart: clearance! And I got two packs of towels to make more crab towels. I’m going to try to get them all hemmed this week and I may even stencil a bunch so they’re ready to go when requested. And I got 10 packs of Crayolas for cheap.

Something in the radio on our truck controls the emergency dinger and the click sound of the turn signals. It hasn’t been working. On my way back today, I was driving across a rough stretch of road, and now it’s working again, along with the rear speaker that was out. It got really loud all of a sudden! My technician/troubleshooter past tells me there’s probably a loose connection somewhere in the system. I don’t care enough to find it.

In fact, I don’t care about much of anything. I’m back in the cool of air conditioning. No reason to go outside for the rest of the day! :smiley: YAY!!

I’m not doing anything outlandish; I only plan on carrying through with my threat to buy donuts on my last day. It’s a tradition I started when I quit my 2nd ever big-boy job. The only other time I buy donuts is my birthday, which is the next week.

Blurfing the ground, are we?


I’m behind on my housekeeping, need to get off my butt and start working.

Right after breakfast, of course.

Man, that is cold.

Just made a list of stuff that I need to accomplish before vacay next weekend. My, I shall be a very busy girl before that comes. :frowning:

Speaking of toilet habits, why must co-workers feel compelled to share this information about themselves or their children? Lady, I don’t need to hear how many poopy diapers your kid had yesterday, or any of the VOLUMINOUS details provided thereof! IANAD, I’m a prospect researcher. ICK!!! :eek:

A couple of weekends ago, I drove from The Little Village west to Ferrytown, then north to The Harbor, east to Lakeview, back south to The Little Village.

In Ferrytown and Lakeview, parking areas are marked clearly. You may not find a spot but by Janus you will find the entrance to the parking.

In The Harbor there are signs pointing to the parking areas, but apparently they disappear once you get within 1km of any given area. The parking areas themselves don’t have the big P sign or anything (I eventually found one, but it took a while and the help of Miss Googlemaps). Guess they’re not very interested in visitors…