Bizarre Windows question

I have a windows XP box that a person prior to me locked the date down to September 12, 2007.
What I mean by that is when I boot the box the date is 9/12/2007. I can do a change and apply the change and the date is current, until I reboot, and at that time the computer goes to 88 MPH and goes back to 9/12/2007
Needless to say this causes problems with security certificates plus with some software I am trying to install and run.
I know this must be in the registry, but I have no clue where to look.
Suggestions on how to fix this would be wonderful.

I’d start by changing the battery on the motherboard. The first sign that the battery is dying is that the time is wrong after power cycling.

It’s actually a brand new machine that a guy put a cracked version of a program in.
To do this he had to lock the date back in 2007.
I am trying to install a legal version of the same program and this locked down date is driving me nuts.
For this reason I doubt it is the MB battery.

That doesn’t sound like a default BIOS date to me. Is it possible that the previous owner installed some bit of low-level software to circumvent the expiry of a software licence?

Run msconfig and see what’s in the startup programs list. If you see something that looks like it might be the culprit for locking the date, just uncheck it and reboot.

Okay, I missed that in the OP. I was wondering why you thought this was such a bizarre problem.
In that case, I got nothing. Various google searches involving terms like XP, lock, date, bios really don’t bring up anything relevant.

cute metaphor! gotta remember that one!

is installing a fresh copy of Windows out of the question? agreeing with Mangetout and joey P; if something is using malware-style tricks to circumvent a software license I’d think nuking it from orbit (it’s the only way to be sure) and re-installing is the safest bet.

Other than that, I can’t think of anything that hasn’t already been suggested.

The 88 MPH isn’t the problem, the problem is the 1.2 Jigga watts coming through the network cable that is the real bitch. :smiley:
I’m off to run msconfig

eta: jz not out of the question but a PITA, the company that sent me the computer is in Fla. I am in Ca. I want to try easy shit first.

Did you search the registry for “2007”?

Found it.
Now the problem is how do I get rid of it?
I leave the box unchecked, click apply, click OK and reboot.
Computer reboots with current date and a notice that it is not in normal mode. Click OK on that message and MSconfig opens up. Verify check box is still unchecked in start up, click normal boot, click apply and OK
When the computer reboots, we are back in 2007 AND the damn box is checked again.
How do I get it to stay unchecked and leave my date alone?
Should I follow the file path and just nuke that file?

Stop going back to Normal Boot. You want to stay in Selective Startup. “Normal Boot” means “boot with everything in this list, checked or unchecked”.

Or, yeah, you could just delete the stupid program that’s doing this to you.

There’s always a reminder dialog on the first boot after making any changes with MSConfig. I can’t remember exactly what the dialog looks like, but one of the options on it essentially amounts to 'Yeah, I know - quit bugging me" - pick that one.

Also, if the program that’s doing the change looks like it might be a proper application (i.e. it’s somewhere in the ‘Program Files’ tree, and it’s not just a .bat file, you might want to have a look in the Add/Remove Programs thing in Control Panel - it may be possible to properly uninstall the thing.

Or install Glary Utilities which for free you should have anyway, and use its Startup Manager.

Or as they call it, Format Fetish :smiley:

Why reinstall Windows just to cure a minor, easily solvable problem?

Better to rename it and move it to start with.

if it was easily solvable, don’t you think it might have been fixed by now?

It looks fixed to me.

It’s fixed. Left the system in selective boot.when I get a chance I will remove the file.