Bjork...still kinda hot, still kinda weird.

Bjork sort of teaches you about TV. She still looks pretty darn good, in that kinda hot sort of way, and is still pretty darn weird, in that “I would totally bang her, but not want to date her” sort of way. When she was poking around inside, I couldn’t help but hope for her sake it had been unplugged for a long enough time for the capacitors to be discharged.

Kinda hot and kinda weird are actually pretty close to my exact dating criteria…

No snark intended, but is it possible to discuss a female artist’s merits without resorting to whether or not you’d bang her? just curious.

The likelyhood of bangage is one of the top criteria in evaluating damn near anyone for any purpose. This is a simple truth of being male.

The thread is entitled “Bjork…still kinda hot, still kinda weird” and features a video of her disassembling a TV. I don’t think its really meant to be about discussing her artistic merits.

And I’d bang her, and date her. I’ve spent many years developing a pretty high tolerance for weird. It’s kinda like my iocane powder

WHat? And suppress the Prime Male Directive?

That’s perverse, it’s contrary to nature. You know how dogs’ first response to any matter is “Gotta smell that”? With guys, it’s “Can I bang that?”

Doesn’t have to be female, doesn’t even have to be human, or animate. That’s just how we’re wired.


Yeah, like it’s my fault they have tits…

Most explanations of how a TV works don’t have nearly as many references to “an Icelandic poet” as this does, which is maybe a good thing.

I guess that it’s wrong that based on this poster’s name that my first thought was “I’d probably bang her”??
I kid, I kid.

I’m a dude, and married, and my wife & I sometimes discuss which male stars we’d bang given the chance.

I don’t know if “still” applies to this particular video, as I’m pretty sure it is several years old. I saw it a few years back and I think it was old then. Though she is in fact still hot.


Check out This video from the Björk Bjlög

Okay, fair enough. It just rarely seems to come up in threads about male artists and actors and the like, though.

Awww. Well, I have to admit, a little part of me is touched. (Ahh, stop stroking me there!)

I love my wife very much, but there is one woman I would leave her for and that woman is Bjork. I have loved her since the Sugarcubes days. She is hot, has an amazing voice, is an incredible artist, is intriguingly enigmatic and totally fucking crazy. In short, my dream woman.

The planet runs on mating behavior.

No snark intended here. Just curious, because you seem serious. Really, if BJork came to your house and said she wanted to spend the rest of her life with you, you would go? Or am I being naive?

Start a thread on “male artists & actors you’d bang given the chance.” I guarantee you that you’ll soon see several drooling posts on Viggo Mortensen and Taye Digg, an argument over whether Tom Cruise is condom-worthy, and a mocking of Scientology. Go on try it!

I’m not married but if I were, I would totally leave Bjork if she were an artistic sellout. I mean…Birthday. If she could sing like that all the time I’d be completely in love… but she’s “experimental” and has “integrity” :slight_smile: ::::Shuffles off to the “songs that make you hypnotized” thread:::

Yeah, but I would probably write my ex and family every now and then.

You write “still kinda…”. While I do not disagree that those are the facts, are you aware that this video is quite old?