Black Canary shows up at MTV Europe Music Awards

Ok, not really, but look at this picture of Madonna. I’m a proud unabashed comic geek, but did anybody else get a “Black Canary” vibe off of this picture?

Here are some pictures of Black Canary for reference.

Though, judging from the responses, I guess it is just me. :smack:

Pretty close resemblance. Please let it be coincidence. We don’t want Madonna as a super-hero, do we?

…I don’t see it… Does Black Canary wear purple leather?

Whoa… having looked at the Animation styled statue… I have to say I see it now.

Madonna’s become even more crotch-centric than I thought possible.

Wow. You’re right.

(And I am a massive Canary fan.)

Actually, I got a pathetic old skank clinging desperately to forotten relevance vibe from Madonna.

Ditto the skank bit.

Her costume does look Black Canary-ish. Is there a movie in the works? One hopes not, if Madonna’s gonna be involved …

For the love of Og, why won’t this woman go away?

Step 1: Yoga + Kabbala
Step 2: ???
Step 3: Eternal Life!

Step 2: Sell soul to Satan and felate him thrice daily

Well, if pathetic old skank Black Canary is your thing, then this picture is for you.


Guy Richie is Satan?

Nah, he’s lucky if he gets it once a week.

She’s got the same hairstyle now that all the girls in the yearbook photos from 1978 did. That style lasted well into the mid-eighties where I grew up.

It gave me an odd shudder, ghosts of unpleasant memories of junior high school.

Have you seen her latest video? It was the first time I looked at her and saw a 40-ish mom trying to be cool. Painfully bad.