Black popcorn

We’ve been buying locally grown black popcorn at our local farmers market for several years now.

It has a light, slightly nutty flavor. The kernels are much smaller than yellow or even white popcorn. And they pop almost completely hull-less. This results in a firm, satisfying crunch.

I like to use a bit of olive oil and then no butter when I make it. If I air pop it then I’ll use a little bit of real butter (margarine is an abomination to nature!).

Black popcorn is very, very delicate. So you have to be near and take great care when popping it or it will burn very quickly. Because the inner hull is black some people think it already is burnt even when it is not.

If you never have had it give it a try. It’s delightful, and my absolute favorite strain of popcorn.

I like purple popcorn for very similar reasons. It has a nice, slightly nutty flavor. When I have the white popcorn served at movie theaters, it tastes like styrofoam: big, airy, nothing.

So, once you’ve had it, will you ever go back?

Rude, but funny.

Not rude. Actually clever.

When it comes to popcorn I’ll eat whatever is there. But given a choice I prefer the black variety to anything else.

Ive known for a while that all field corn is pop-able, and have been able to use anything. my favorite is dwarf Indian corn. People thought i was making centerpieces–nope Im popping it. Tiny kernals, mult icoloed bases, fun.

Black popcorn. That’s what happens when I’m making it in a pot and I get distracted. :slight_smile: