Blaming Sasquatch

Holy Christ, if I have to endure one more goddamn movie title of the format “Verb”-ing “Someone”, I’m going to turn inside-out.

Finding Forrester
Saving Private Ryan
Eating Raoul
Driving Miss Daisy
Saving Silverman
Chasing Amy

And so I’d like to help out Hollywood by suggesting a few of my own. Won’t you join me?

Suggesting Leonardo
Banishing Louisa
Stretching Bernard
Vanquishing Brittany
Discovering Alistair
Eclipsing Elvis

Rogering Moore

Doctorin’ the Tardis

Ignoring Crowe

Jonesing JPeg?

Personally, I’m tired of movie previews that all seem to go like this:

(imagine deep narrator’s voice)

In a world…where everything is wrong…one man stands for right…and he’s about to discover…that THIS time…it’s personal.

To continue the with the OP:

Eviscerating Kevin[sup]A[/sup]
Silencing Whitney[sup]B[/sup]
Overrating Julia[sup]C[/sup]
Undressing Jude[sup]D[/sup]

[sub]A. Costner B. Houston C. Roberts D. Law[/sub]

Mating Damon

Banning Affleck

Exploding Gwyneth

Killing Prinze, Jr.

Stalking Humphrey
Besmirching Senator Cheesecake
Collecting Mr. Stinky
Fabricating Belinda

Felching Fletcher (Woohoo! First felching reference of the thread!)

Oh, and:

Tossing Salad :smiley:

Oooh, I’m sorry. The correct answer is

[sub]A. Smith[/sub]

I mean, come on! Shannon Elizabeth? Real edgy there, fanboy! And weren’t you supposed to retire the stoners three movies ago?


The many gay porn sequels of It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World:

Budding Hackett
Dicking Shawn
Philling Silvers
Busting Keaton
Donning Knotts
Jacking Benny

And of course,

Fucking Jenna

Wasn’t there a porno called Shaving Ryan’s Privates?

Starring who? Tom Yanks?

He was also in Schindler’s Fist
(or was it the other way around?)

Don’t forget Forrest Hump.

Free My Willy

Look Who’s Sucking

Sleeping With Seattle

Man On The Poon

Hannah Does Her Sisters

No Longer Pit Worthy

And I thought this might be a reference to the Weekly World News article claiming that Bigfoots have been mating with campers…

There was all that plus the fact that the world’s fattest man has vanished, he’s 4000 pounds, have you seen him?

And naked pics of Elvis.

Man I love the checkout aisle…