(blank) of the Month Club stuff (mundane, pointless and sharing!)

Ok, so bored, and avoiding tackling my daughter’s closet, I started surfing the web.

While looking for the company that is in Vermont that makes socks that just bought yesterday at Marshall’s ( 3 for $6.99) which I absolutely lurve. American Made products are pretty important to me.

So, I was a googling to get more information about this company, ( North Country Made in Vermont, USA. It’s all I have on the sockie label.) and I have come up with nothing.

But, I did find a sock of the month club a product I have seen before and lurve, as well. And, hell, just thought, how many other really cool Of The Month clubs out there are there?

I’ll have to guess just about anything is elligible for it’s own club.

But a quick list…

Mmmmm. Cheese