Blank threads in Tapatalk

For a couple of weeks, I’ve been finding that threads on the Straight Dope are empty when I open them in Tapatalk on my Android phone.

At first, it was many threads but not all, and those that did have content seemed to follow no logical pattern. Some were threads I’d accessed before the problem started; some were threads I was visiting for the first time.

Now, all threads are blank. They accurately display the number of pages in the thread, and how many more posts exist beyond the page that should currently be displaying, but everything else is blank.

I have cleared data, uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted the phone. Clearing the cache was not possible as the option was greyed out.

Other forums are functioning normally.

Immediately before this problem started, my phone was low on space so I moved all my photos and videos off my phone. I didn’t make any other changes. I first noticed the problem quite soon after I’d cleared out the photo and video directories.

I am using the newly free version of Tapatalk, which used to be the paid version until quite recently.

Any ideas?

Just me, I guess.

In case Google ever brings anyone else here, searching for an answer to the same problem, I ended up finding Tapatalk Classic at

It’s the app as it was before they reverted it to “free” and removed all the best functionality, telling those of us who had paid for it that we now needed to buy the new Tapatalk if we wanted those features back. This is a better outcome than I hoped for - I have Tapatalk working again, the crippled functionality has been restored, and I don’t need to pay an extra cent to the rogues who broke it intentionally to force us to pay for it again.