blarg, anyone?

Today was a beautiful day, outside. It was the first TRUE day Spring, IMHO. It was 75 degrees, and sunny. I went to lunch with a friend and then we went shopping. I dropped her off at home, and then I, too, went home.

A short time later, I took my dog for a walk in the park. That was nice. Then I went to the library for an hour or two. Then I went to Barnes & Noble for a while.

Then, upon arriving at home, it hit me - BLARG! I was hit with BLARG like a runaway derailed locomotive. Such a nice day had to come to such an abrupt end. Damn you, sun, for setting! I am still incurring BLARG.

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow and cool down. Sounds like a possible entire day of BLARG.

Blarg, anyone?

your link isn’t working. I hope that when it does work I see something funny. because blarg is a funny word. I love made up words. I’d love to make up a whole new language for a silly race of clown-creatures with balloons for limbs and a cultural diet of chocolate telephones.


Speg. worgle mif mif smoon.

Smab. Rentblig ‘george bush’ weg furn.


Hmm, it worked when I did a preview test, and it still works fine for me now, as is. It must be your browser.

Worked fine for me. But which is it? Disgust? Cluelessness? Disinterest? :confused: Inquisitive minds must know!

all of the above

Then I’ll be sending plenty of psychic ‘anti-blarg’ your way. Hope tomorrow is better!

Thursday was a GOOD day. I was blarging because the good day came to a close!

As, for the anti-blarg, thanks.

ABsolutely brilliant. I love the word BLARG. Thanks for introducing it to me