Bleep a Movie to Make It Sound Dirty

I saw this hashtag on Twitter and it resulted in some good ones.


Snow White and the Seven Ds
How Green Was My Va

F***ing Dory

My personal favorite:

Who F***ed Roger Rabbit?

Fine. I’ll play by myself.

James and the Giant P****.

A Fistful of D*****s

The Dirty D****

Hannah and Her *ers
The Godf

Va**** Fair

C*nt Hardly Wait

C*nt Stop the Music


The Wizard of O*

C*** of the Cave Bear

S**** of the Century

I’ll just leave this here.


P**** Drunk Love

Voyage of the D*** T*****r.

A S*** is Born.

Harry P**** and the Goblet of Fire.

The Search for Sp**k.

Not a movie title but still.

Dead Man ****ing

Chidren of the *orn.

S***ing Private Ryan

I beat you to it, Ranger Jeff.