Blind Dates

I just dump this guy that I’ve been seeing for over a year and my mother (of all people) sets me up for a blind date with a musician friend of hers. Doesn’t ask, just arranged it - geez! Has it ever been worth anyones effort to actually go on a blind date?

I had a blind date in high school that actually worked out really well. We had a lot of fun, dated for a few months, then eventually went our separate ways. He was a really nice guy, though.

Your mom set you up with a musician? Wow. I thought my mom was cool! :wink: Give the guy a chance, though. My husband is a musician. They’re not all bad. :slight_smile:

Yeah, except that their music is more important than you.

Sure it is, Handy. But hey, I knew that going in, and I have the constitution to deal with it. 5 years & 2 kids later, we’re doing pretty well. Like I said, they’re not all bad.

Blind dates? Yeah, I guess they’re worth something. I wouldn’t be here without one. :slight_smile:

As king of the personal ads almost all blind dates (in my experience) are worthless. But what are you gonna do?

I went on a Blind date once with a deaf girl.
My folks made it & thought she was the same girl I knew from high school, but alas far from it.

Yep, a deaf Blind date.


Well, in my personal experience, no.
But then most of the people in my family and circle of friends are as clueless as I am.

But hey, a blind date is just someone you haven’t met yet. Assuming your family/circle of friends is more focused than mine, whaddya got to lose? (Even if they aren’t, there’s always the blissful, random, monkey wrench in the gears fluke factor, isn’t there?)

It (he/she) could be great! And what’s the most to lose; a night out and a chance to pratice your social skills!

You first.

(sipping wine, playing w/ the dog and being a mouse potato)

Blind dates can work out, at least sometimes.

My buddy arranged a blind date for me a couple of years after my divorce. My new wife & I have been together for a shade over 11 years now, and married for 9 years as of December.


What have you got to lose? As stated earlier, you’ll get a chance to practice yer social graces, how to burp politely, how far to lift your cheek to let out an SBD (Silent But Deadly). The only time to worry about a blind date is if the conversation goes like this…

Helpful Friend: You’re really going to like the person I set you up with.

You: Really? Good. I’m looking forward to it. What does he/she look like?

Helpful Friend: He/She has a GREAT personality!

You: Good. What does he/she look like?

Helpful Friend: He/She is SO funny!

You: Good. What does he/she look like?

Helpful Friend: She has a really great job.

etc. etc. etc.


I never understood blind dates. to me, dating is the process of learning ‘more’ about a person. A date implies romance or at least interest in it. why would I want to get romantic with someone i’ve never met?

They need to come up with a new word to symbolize a getting together with someone you don’t know, without the implications of romance. The current one sucks because you expect the other person to be expecting romance from you.

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Enright3 - that is too funny. This is how the conversation between my mother and I went. (My father is also present).

Mother: I fixed you up with a friend of mine, a musician that plays lead vocals in a band that comes to town 4 nights a week.

Me: What does he look like?

Mother: He is single, never married, no children.

Me: What does he look like?

Mother: He is a very nice guy.

Me: Is he ugly?

Mother: He is not too ugly.

Father: He’s ugly.

Me: Is he fat?

Mother: He’s losing weight.

Father: He’s fat.

Before anyone gets on me for bashing ugly fat people, I try to see people for WHO they are not HOW they look… I was just curious is all.

So, Tammy, How’d the date go?

For the same reason that when someone you’ve never met strikes up a conversation with you at a party, you spend some time chatting with them. Blind dates can lead to good friendships. The purpose is not only “romance.” Additionally, the person proposing the blind date has the idea that the both of you have something in common.

J’ai assez vécu pour voir que différence engendre haine.

Back in 1991, my best friend set me up with some girl that I had never met before. We’ve been married now for almost 8 years and have two kids.

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