My blind date for Valentine's Day hasn't gone home yet!!!

Last year an old friend from high school called me up and told me that she had someone I had to meet and would I like a date for Valentine’s Day. I said, “What the Hell?” and went over to meet my date. I had been made a widower about a year before and it would be nice to not be alone.

My old friend had prepared me up front, KD has MS and was in a wheelchair. My friend had read about my experience with a brain injury and subsequent recovery in the local paper and she thought that I might be able to inspire KD. KD had lost her husband in 1999, automobile accident, and she had had a really hard time. I wasn’t prepared for KD to be so HOT, she is really very very attractive blond with real long legs.

We both started with the same idea, have some fun and go our seperate ways. I assumed that KD would be high maintenance like my wife had been, I wasn’t ready to get tied down with someone like that. Not that I was real impressive, I had this “wildman” thing going with my hair and I had put on some weight. KD said that I looked like Jerry Garcia, I heard that three times last year so there must be some validity to it. Later KD told me that she had always preferred men taller, her husband had been 6’5" and I push 5’7". She told our friend that there was “no way in Hell” anything would ever happen between me and her.

We went out to eat and then back to my place and took care of our mutual lust. Then we talked, and talked. I was impressed with KD, she has lived in Hell, more so than me, and is still here to tell about it. I admire her. She says that I’m impressive, that I have been to Hell also and continue to go on. She said, “You don’t pity me.”

She hasn’t gone back home yet!!!

I’ve cut off most of my hair and lost 40 pounds, people notice.

Good for you!

huh…maybe you’ve struck a cord…(insert jerry garcia musical joke here)

good for you, though…you never know when the littlest things turn into something more.

keep us posted.

I just had to run the thread back up to the top. I’m soooo happy this morning. :smiley:

Yay for KD and you hlanelee! I hope the two of you find much happiness together.

I have got a superb case of the smilies after reading your OP and the Bump hlanelee.

It is threads like yours that make All the Bad Stuff in the World seem trite and totally insignificant in the really big scheme of things.

May KD never go home. Happy Days Dude!!

;j ;j ;j

Excellent! I’m glad for you.

I’m made even more glad by the way I interpreted your thread title at first. I thought you meant you parted ways and she never turned up at home and now you’re a murder suspect or something.

So you’ve given her a ‘touch of grey’, eh?

I bumped this up because we will be celebrating six years together next week…

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Wow! Congratulations! :slight_smile:

( :: opens thread, puzzled by title ::
But Valentine’s Day isn’t here yet!)

When I first saw this topic title, I thought “hasn’t gone home yet” meant she went missing after the date and was presumed dead.

Sometimes it’s worth bumping old threads. Congratulations Mr and Mrs hlanelee!


Wow. Congratulations, you guys! :slight_smile:

Wait, wouldn’t it be five years? Unless you wrote the OP a year after your first date and she STILL hadn’t gone home…

That’s correct the OP was made a year after our first date which was on 02-14-2005.

Do zombies make good dates?

Whatever, Omar. Sweetest zombie ever. Mazel tov, you crazy kids! I’m glad you found each other…
(Strange. My eyes are watering all of a sudden … )

Well, that’s great! Although I hope by now she’s called someone to go feed her cats.