I actually have a date for Saturday night!!!!

You have to understand, I am not one to date. I’ve been happy being single. This will be my second date in ** 6 years **.
Usually any woman I am interested in (and that in itself is strange) is either straight or in a relationship.

I met this cool, really sweet woman about a month ago. She moved here over the summer. The last couple of weeks her and I have been hanging out together at the bar that I frequent. We seemed to hit it off.

Well, tonight I finally got the guts to ask her out. She said yes.


I can’t believe this. This isn’t really like me but, yes!

Cross your fingers for me would ya?

Best of luck to you! First dates are always tricky, so remember to keep your cool, keep the conversation light, and don’t second guess yourself or worry too much.

Oh yeah…AND HAVE FUN!!!

Go get er, tiger!

Congrats. Have fun.

So how’d it go?