blondes and intelligence

How did the belief that blondes are dumb originate? Who perpetuated this myth? On the same note, why do blondes still tolerate such groundless discriminatory remarks? I mean, I can’t imagine what would happen if someone proclaimed that whites are stupid or asians are dumb.

Well, I for one, have been perpetuating this myth. Say, did you hear the one about the blonde and the rocket scientist?

I think you can blame Hollywood for the popularity of this particular stereotype. TV especially tends to cast a blonde in the “ditzy woman” role. Think Chrissy from Three’s Company.

Of course, there doesn’t have to be a reason - why were Polish jokes popular? Why use the names “Mary Jane” or “little Johnny”? Why do people from Georgia make fun of people from Alabama and vice versa? They’re all just an easy point of reference for a joke.

I think you’ve got cause and effect the wrong way around. Dumb people become blonde, rather than blonde people become dumb.

Still an unjustified stereotype, naturally.

Is it? I recall seeing that Fox IQ show with various groups of people including body builders, scientists, students, teachers, celebrities, blondes, etc and I do recall the blondes scoring fairly low. Granted, these may not be the most scientific results and my memory could be off, but have there been any studies done to prove this wrong?

First of all, there are many many groups that get stereotyped as dumb throughout the world.

My own personal theories for blondes is this. As a young person, you can invest your time into becoming educated, or you can have a good time. People who are pretty have less of an incentive to study than ugly people, because they might be able to succeed in life on looks alone, or looks and lesser skill. Someone who is not particularly popular, besides having a lot of time on their hands, cannot succeed on their social skills, and so need to study more.

Blondes are perceived as beautiful, so they have less incentive to get educated, so they seem stupid.

Obviously, loads of asterisks all over this theory, but to me it makes sense.

I think that blonde = young might have something to do with it. I know that I used to be blonder, and I thought that it was not unusual for people’s hair to darken as they aged.

Jokes about stereotypically beautiful women being not so bright are common in any culture. We just happen to live in a culture where the button-nosed buxom blonde is an ideal.

The basis of the humor is probably the assumtpion that sexually desirable gals never have to know much. I’ve heard feminist suggest that this comedy is a way of deflating their power, but I, personally, don’t buy that.

Of course, many blondes deliberately perpetuate the stereotype themselves. It can be to your advantage for everyone to underestimate your intelligence.