Blood. Eggs. Semen.

I hate myself for writing this, but - reading Cecil’s column from 8 Jan 16, Can Blood Be Used As An Egg Substitute - I couldn’t stop myself - and believe me, I tried - from recalling an earlier Cecil column which discussed the similarities of egg whites and semen.

Now the blood::egg comparison says,

While, the semen::comparison says,

Which is unsatisfyingly vague, leading me to ask:

Does semen contain the protein ovalbumin? And if so, can one bake meringues from it?

This sounds like a job for the SDSAB!

Blood. Eggs. Semen.

Isn’t that the full English breakfast you hear about Brits enjoying?

Band name!

I don’t know about that but it is the beginning of my special waffle recipe.

edit: I couldn’t find anything on semen containing ovalbumin but I did find one reference to semen being whippable.

Whip it good!!

Here’s a minor cultural quibble about Cecil’s mention of the Maasai people drinking cow’s blood.

My nephew spent a couple years as a volunteer eye surgeon in Kenya, which once was part of the UK protectorate East Africa. He told me the Maasai people do drink cow’s blood, mixed with milk, but it’s only done on ceremonial occasions, not for daily nutrition. The Maasai, like most Kenyans, are very poor, and the cattle are their only source of income. They can’t afford to bleed a cow just for a snack or a soufflé.

How about a nice chocolate chip cookie?

Interesting column - never thought of using blood that way. In the last paragraph, Cecil needs either a dash or a colon where bolded:

But come on: the fact that my cow blood produced a recognizable (and, I should add, edible) dessert at all is what I would call passing with flying colorsspecifically, a greenish-gray hue seen in both the meringues and the cookies, which, I’ll concede, eaters might be justified in finding off-putting. Perhaps this suggests opportunities for future innovation.

That was the “how to” historical book written by aliens about subjugating planetary systems.

guns, germs, and steel

But, of course, eating semen (well, for nutritional reasons at any rate) is revolting unless, weirdly, it comes out of a fish…

I’m not surprised blood can make a passable meringue. I don’t know if it is still true but a generation ago a major component in the fire-fighting foam used by the Navy was pig’s blood.

Yeah, but can you make bread from human, uh, yeast?

That’s the “Partially Full” English Breakfast. The “Full” English Breakfast includes puss and bile.

But that’s still a far site better than the Full Australian Breakfast. That monstrosity includes the most vile ingredient of all–Vegemite.

What do you eat for breakfast? Shit?

Only wondering because you always seem full of it.

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You know, blood is only the second-most-surprising meringue I’ve heard about this month.

Evidently you can make (texturally, at least) acceptable meringues using the water from canned chickpeas.

Fair enough Colibri.

Apologies kayaker, it was an over-reaction to a bit of knockabout US/UK banter.

You mean Ed needs to add punctuation, because as we know Cecil is perfect and all the mistakes arise in the editing.

(Funny how all the newspaper writers I know personally – I spent ten years as a photojournalist at a middlin’ daily paper – say the same thing, but I’ve seen the printouts they sent to the the copy desk before and after the red ink. :stuck_out_tongue: )

(Edit: I know spoiler tags are usually frowned upon for jokes, but I think it’s warranted in this case, it’s something a lot of people wouldn’t want to know.)

Apology accepted. My UK friends know that I actually love the breakfasts over there, and routinely have baked beans as a breakfast side.

Which led to the Pan-fried Semen thread.

I was wondering if Cecil might have had better results with fresher (or at least less clotted) blood. He described using residual blood around a large clot. I’m guessing a lot of fibrin (ie- protein) was left behind in the clot and that the residual blood was probably protein deficient.

Still he said his results were similar to others, so maybe not a problem.

I don’t think I could go for greyish-green cookies, though. :dubious:

(And don’t even get me started on other bodily fluids!)