Pan-fried Semen

Hey folks… Remember the Cecil column about the comparison between semen and egg white?

Well, it started me to a-thinkin’…

What would happen if you fried semen in a pan?

Would it solidify like egg white?

Would sit sizzle and pop, and evaporate, leaving sticky resin?

I would try the experiment myself, but my wife would at the very least kick my ass, and at worst… well, lets not go there.

Hell, I ain’t got no wife. I’ll let you know.

Remind me never to eat an mangeorge’s house.

This is the funniest thing I think I’ve ever read mangeorge and Q.E.D..

Be sure to let us know how it goes, though.

Semen Beaters?

*Masturbate, masturbate,
Guybud man;
Shoot your semen,
Into a pan;
Heat it, saute it,
And mark it with pee,
And there will be enough
For everyone but me. *

Ah, Cole Porter…

I just had to read this one didn’t I ?

Just came across this recently…

Good. Nobody “beat” me to it.
It just turns brown and reduces a lot.
Here’s what I found when I analized the sample.
'Scuse me, I’m still a little shaky.

Can I lick the bowl?

Christ. You really can get any question answered here, can’t you?

Anyone wanna look up the etymology for “omelette”? You’re in for a pleasant little surprise.

You’ve got some huevos there, my friend.

Never mind…

I always thought “omelette” was related to “hommelette”, or little man. Turns out they’re just homophones (hommephones, perhaps?).

Carry on.

You meant analyzed, right?

Perhaps you had the heat on too high.

Also, did you butter the pan? You want some sort of grease so that the jism won’t stick to the pan…teflon is good, but not THAT good.

So back to the kitchen with you…a tablespoon of butter…lower heat…

I said I was a little shaky.

If you’re going to analize it, I’d let it cool down first.

If I post something now, I’m guaranteed to appear in Threadspotting.